Solar Panel Installation Types

Asphalt Shingle

The most common type of roof in Southern California is asphalt shingle, and this type of roof is the easiest type of roof to install solar panels on.

Tile Roof- Flat Tile or Spanish

Historically, solar installers have had difficulty installing solar panels on tile roofs. Our team is highly skilled in these installations, and will install your solar panels on your tile roof with no issues or problems.


Clay tile roofs can pose problems for many solar installers. This is one of the more difficult types of roof to install solar panels on. Not to worry, our installation team has lots of experience installing solar panels on clay roofs and will ensure that your installation is completed flawlessly.

Flat Roofs – Tilt Rack Systems

Sour panels need to face toward the South for maximum efficiency. A racking system holds the panels in place and allows for adjustments such as this. Flat roofs require tilted racking to ensure that the panels are facing toward the sun at the best angle. Usually, a 17-degree pitch is the most common angle to orient the panels.

Roof Tiles, BIPV

We do not advise using building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV). Solar roof tiles are a type of BIPV that replaces standard roofing material. These installations have many problems, including maintenance issues, lower performance, and fire hazards.


A tilt rack system requires roof penetrations. Flat roofs with a TPO roof membrane do not fit this type of installation, so a ballasted solar panel racking system is used. The panels are held in place by weights in a ballasted system.

Ground-Mounted Solar Panels

A ground-mounted system can be a good alternative to a roof-mounted system. Ground-mounted panels require good solar exposure, including a lack of shade from trees. Our team in San Diego is highly skilled in this type of installation as well as the others.

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