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Solar Panel Installation and Inspection

The solar panel installation process varies from company to company, but involves a similar procedure. The first step is the installation process which is usually done in a day and can take as long as eight hours (except if the roof structure is complicated). After the initial survey, the company will set up the equipment and start working on installing your solar panels. The first step involves detecting the solar panel mount points. The solar company will then install the mounts and attach the solar panels and racks to your roof. The electrician in the crew will then connect the inverters, panels and the main AC panel. After the system is in place, connecting it to the grid will require an initial inspection first. The installation company will take a couple of days or weeks to finish the inspection.

Solar Panel Operation, Maintenance and Repair

Once everything is in place, your solar system will be online and working. From there on, in terms of operation you won’t have to worry too much about them. Some homeowners periodically check the software that monitors their operation to make sure energy production is in order. Once you’re sure the solar panels are performing as advertised, you’ll be able to rest and enjoy your cheap energy. As with any piece of technology, solar panels require maintenance and may stop working. However, the maintenance needs are minimal and the chance of solar panels breaking down are slim. If you need repair on a system that we did not install, no problem! Our team can repair any solar system problems quickly and efficiently. Here are the most common questions homeowners have about their solar panels, answered:

  • What does solar panel maintenance entail?
  • How to detect an issue with the solar panels?
  • What to do if solar panels malfunction?

What Does Solar Panel Maintenance Entail?

Fortunately for many homeowners, solar panel maintenance is a very light task as they require very little touching-up in order to work properly. These panels are designed and installed in a way that allows them to withstand moderate to severe weather conditions such as heavy rains, snow, hail and strong winds. Furthermore, in most cases, solar panels have a 25-year warranty.

You will need to rinse and clean solar panels at least once a year and ideally bi-annually in order to remove any grime or dirt that might be obstructing their surface. You can do this simply by using a garden hose or hire a professional company to handle it.