Maximize Your San Diego Solar System with Solar Batteries

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Maximize Your San Diego Solar System with Solar Batteries

When you have solar installation in San Diego, you need a strategy to keep your system up and running as efficiently as possible. Fortunately, solar battery storage is now part of the foundation of any solar system in the area. It helps you store and tap into California’s abundant solar energy for more reliability and cost savings. Learn more about solar batteries in San Diego and how they can avoid peak energy rates on the grid while maximizing your utility savings and independence.

Enjoy Reliable Electricity You Can Trust

Your solar service in San Diego can help make the most of your energy with the right solar batteries. They store extra energy that your solar panels produce during the day. When the sun sets or you encounter a cloudy day, you can still harness the solar energy you need to keep your home or business powered up.

Offset Your Costs with a Federal Tax Credit

Solar battery systems are an investment, but often come with federal tax credits. You could see up to a 30% investment tax credit (ITC) simply by installing the system, which also helps offset the cost of the batteries. Call our team today to discuss any credits or rebates for your solar system.

Make the Most of NEM 3.0 Net Billing

All of the major utilities in California are now using a net billing system called NEM 3.0. At first glance, it looks like it reduces the savings value of your electricity by moving it back to the grid. However, under the new NEM 3.0, anyone using solar batteries can charge up their system during peak solar hours and discharge it in the evening to maximize savings. The batteries help you adapt to the changes and reduce how much you rely on the electrical grid.

Secure a Back-Up Power Source

It’s not uncommon to see energy spikes or outages during a San Diego heat wave. Instead of suffering through the day without air conditioning, solar companies in San Diego can help you get set-up with batteries to serve as a generator and keep your AC running and essentials running strong. Ask the team at Action Solar about your energy usage and how many days of back-up energy you need.

Get Around Time-of-Use Spikes

If you’re a San Diego local, you’ll know the area has some of the highest electricity rates in the state due to features like time-of-use pricing. In other words, if you run up your electricity usage during peak times when demand is high, you’ll see a spike in your bill. Solar batteries make it easier by storing the energy by day and using it up in the evening to stay in control of your energy usage and budget.

Prepare for a Natural Disaster

San Diego is no stranger to natural disasters like wildfires and earthquakes. Instead of dealing with the whims of nature, your residential solar San Diego service and batteries can keep your home up and running. When you lose power for an extended period of time, your solar batteries still have a reserve to pull from.

Partner with Action Solar

Take the next steps to reduce your reliance on the electrical grid, save money, and get more peace of mind with solar batteries. Action Solar proudly serve the greater San Diego area to bring you the best service in the area, from installation to solar panel repair in San Diego. Contact us today for all of your San Diego solar energy needs!


“Complete HVAC system install was done – very professional and clean workmanship. The techs were very communicative during the whole process. I am very pleased with the results . Thanks Action and your team for doing it right the 1st time.”

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