Sizing Your Solar Panel Inverters

What size inverter do I need for my solar panels?

Solar inverters are a crucial part of any solar panel system. They are necessary for converting the direct current electricity (DC) produced by your solar panels into alternating current electricity (AC) suitable for powering household appliances.

When installing a solar panel system, the inverter size plays a crucial role. This is why you must rely on knowledgeable solar panel installers to help determine the right inverter size and system efficiency options for your home in  Murrieta, CA. Continue reading to learn all about solar panel inverters.

What Size Inverter Do Solar Panels Require?

Since your solar system produces and sends DC electricity to your solar inverter, it should be properly sized to handle the DC load and convert it into AC. Here are a couple of factors to consider when sizing a solar inverter:

Solar Inverter Size

The size of your solar inverter should generally be similar to your solar system’s DC rating. This means that you should get a 2000W inverter if for a 2kW solar system. Also, make sure to check the manufacturer’s guidelines on array capacity that should be paired with their inverters.

Your Location

The production of your solar system will also depend on geography. For instance, a country such as California has higher irradiance than, let’s say, Vermont, meaning that a system of the same size will produce more energy in California than in Vermont. In turn, your inverter size should be closer to the total wattage of the solar array if you live in an area with more sunshine, as it should be able to handle the maximum power output of the array.

Design and Site Specifics

The specifics of the installation process, especially those related to tilt and shading of your solar system, will also influence the amount of sunshine your solar panels receive, and in turn, also influence the proposed size of the inverter. A solar system which is installed at a sub-optimal angle or experiences more shade will potentially need an inverter of a smaller capacity.

How Many Inverters Is Needed for Your Solar Panels?

In order to convert DC electricity into AC electricity, your solar system will need only one inverter. However, If you have a solar battery added to your solar system, you will need to have an inverter that can also turn AC electricity back into DC which is then stored in the battery. There are two options for this:

  • Hybrid inverters: Also known as a battery-based inverter, a hybrid inverter combines a battery inverter and a solar inverter into one unified piece of equipment. It uses the DC power generated from the panels to charge the battery and converts the needed electricity for powering appliances into AC.
  • Separate inverters: You can also have two separate inverters for your solar battery and panels, one to convert DC into AC to power appliances or export to the grid, and another one to convert AC electricity into DC electricity to be stored in the battery.

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How many inverters do I need for solar panels?

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