Solar Panel Myths Part II: 5 Strange Misconceptions About Solar Power

Solar power has been growing rapidly in popularity during the past 10 years, and it’s easy to see why. Solar panels are more affordable, efficient, durable, and easier to install than before. In fact, proficient solar installers can outfit a home in Encinitas, Escondido, Menifee, and other cities across California with a quality solar panel system in just a few days. 

Unfortunately, this increase in popularity has also given rise to various myths and misconceptions about the way solar panels work and their impact on people, animals and the environment. 

We have previously discussed the benefits of a solar panel system during rolling blackouts and explained why going solar is an economical choice in 2021. Now we’re going to explore some of the stranger myths about solar power and explain why they have no basis in reality. Read on. 

What is the biggest concern regarding solar energy?

Some people tend to view new technologies with a mix of fear and distrust. Although the first photovoltaic cells were invented during the 1950s, modern solar panels haven’t seen widespread use up until a decade or so ago. Thus, solar panel systems are still considered “new” by many, which leads to misconceptions.

Here are 5 of these myths:

1. Solar panels will consume all of the sun’s energy

Comparatively tiny solar panel systems cannot significantly impact the total amount of energy in a massive star like the sun. Even if this was possible, solar panels wouldn’t be able to do it because they do not actively drain energy from the sun. Rather, they passively absorb the energy that radiates from it. 

2. Solar panels are toxic and non-recyclable

This claim comes from the old “amorphous” or thin-film solar panels that have become obsolete and were discontinued more than a decade ago. Today, over 96% of all solar panels installed globally are made using non-toxic, recyclable materials. 

3. Solar panel installation is extremely disruptive

Most Americans who have had solar panels installed in the past 10 years claim the installation process wasn’t disruptive at all, especially when compared to projects such as roof replacement.

4. Solar panels need tracking systems

While it’s true some newer solar panels have tracking systems that change their positioning throughout the day to better face the sun, these systems are by no means a necessity. Regardless of which type of solar panel you buy, the installers will make sure to position them in a way that maximizes sun exposure. 

5. Solar panel could never fully meet our energy needs

Solar energy is far more efficient than many people think. In fact, if we took a 161 square mile area in Nevada and covered it with solar panels, we would be able to power the entirety of the United States. Believe it or not, solar systems combined with grid-scale batteries are now more cost-efficient sources of electricity than either natural gas or coal.

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