Avoid Southern California Utility Rate Increases with Solar and Batteries

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In 2020, homeowners across Southern California are experiencing significant rate changes introduced by utility companies. These changes, particularly the Time-of-Use billing plan, have made it harder for solar panel owners to avoid high energy rates during peak hours if they don’t own a battery storage system.

For this reason, an increasing number of homeowners are switching to home solar batteries to cut down on energy bills. This is a great way to avoid worrying about the unpredictable utility rates, as solar batteries allow you to control your energy usage and enable you to run your home on solar power only, even during power outages.

Keep on reading to learn how hiring reliable solar panel installers to install your battery system in Vista can help you stay unaffected by the ever-increasing utility rates.

Are solar batteries cost-effective?Qualified Solar Panel Installers in Vista

While the overall costs of a solar system combined with battery storage are far from a small investment, the benefits you gain by storing your power undoubtedly outweigh the drawback of the initial costs. A home solar battery will enable you to produce and store your own renewable energy and use it anytime you need it. Most importantly, you will be able to avoid paying the highest utility rates during peak demand hours, which will significantly reduce your monthly bill.

TOU billing plan

The appeal of solar battery storage has become even more apparent with the introduction of SDG&E and  SCE Time-Of-Use rates for solar power consumers. The purpose of TOU billing is to encourage customers to use energy during off-peak hours when the rates are lowest. While this may sound good on paper, TOU rates can be quite unfavorable for solar power users without battery storage, as they are highest in the afternoon and evening when solar panels are not as effective.

How a home solar battery can cut your electric bill

If you don’t want to worry about higher electricity rates in 2020, investing in a home solar battery may be the best option for you. This is because a home battery will enable you to take full control of your energy consumption.

A typical solar system can produce more energy than the average Southern California household needs on sunny days. Before TOU, homeowners were able to sell any excess generated energy back to the utility company at standard rates, whereas now the rates are the lowest during the time of day when solar panels are the most efficient.

Luckily, you can avoid paying more for electricity by adding a home battery to your solar system. This will enable you to store the energy your solar panels generate during the sun peak hours and use it in the evenings and at night when the TOU rates are the highest.

Take advantage of financial incentives

To top it all off, homeowners can also cut down on the costs of their home solar battery systems by taking advantage of various incentive programs. For instance, the ITC can reduce the total costs of your residential solar battery system by 26% in the form of tax benefits. Just keep in mind that the ITC will drop down to zero in 2022, so going solar sooner rather than later might be the best idea.

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The benefits of getting a solar system with battery storage can’t be overstated. Not only will you get an efficient solar system that will last for more than 20 years, but you will also be able to generate your own green energy without relying on utility companies.

If you feel like it’s time to gain energy independence, don’t hesitate to reach out to Action Solar. Our trained and highly experienced technicians can install your solar panels and battery system with efficiency and ease whether you live near the Alta Vista Gardens or anywhere else in the area. If you want to enjoy renewable energy all year long without worrying about high energy bills, contact Action Solar today!