The Evolution and Future of Solar Energy

Pricing innovations, technology breakthroughs and the increasing efficiency of solar panels have made using this type of renewable energy more attainable than it has ever been. But how did solar systems evolve into what they are today and how will they develop

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What are the types of solar energy?

Two main types of solar technology have been developed and are used today: photovoltaic technology and solar thermal technology. These two solar technologies differ in many respects and have different applications.  

Photovoltaic solar systems

A photovoltaic system converts sunlight directly into electricity by using panels made up of semiconductor solar cells. It is newer and more popular than solar thermal technology and has been growing in popularity for both residential and commercial applications in recent years. 

Photovoltaic technology produces an electric current by capturing light particles which displace electrons from silicon atoms. The electric current created in the process is then converted by an inverter into the alternating current used to power your household or business. 

Solar thermal technology

This type of solar technology is predominantly used to heat water. Solar thermal systems use sunlight to produce heat by absorbing it from the Sun’s rays and transporting it to a transfer fluid, usually water, air or antifreeze. The liquid then transfers the heat to the areas that need to be heated up.  

Solar thermal technology uses less roof space and can be significantly more efficient in creating heat from sunlight than a PV system. However, solar thermal systems are more expensive, have a shorter lifespan and need a generator to produce electricity. That’s why they are most efficiently used for heating swimming pools and water heaters. 

When did solar panels become popular?

The history of solar energy is one of invention, creativity, and loads of hard work. Ever since the first selenium solar cell was invented in 1883, scientists across the world have been investing time and effort to increase the efficiency of solar systems and make them attainable for the general public.  

The latter half of the 20th century was characterized by a number of breakthroughs in technology as well as with a handful of setbacks. While the efficiency rates of solar systems experienced a steady increase in the 1950s in 1960s, and even during the 1970s inflation, it was only in the 1980s that the costs started to drop significantly. This downward trend is still continuing today and solar technologies are getting more and more refined, efficient and popular all around the world.        

What is the future of solar energy?

Despite the rapid growth of the solar industry, the efficiency of modern solar panels is nowhere near optimal. With the maximum efficiency of around 33%, solar systems used today waste a lot of solar energy even in the best of circumstances. 

Thankfully, the industry keeps investing and searching for ways to further enhance modern solar technologies. Some of the most promising recent developments include: 

  • Solar energy battery storage solutions 
  • Multi-junction solar cells
  • Alternative materials to replace silicon technology, e.g. Perovskites

All of these new technologies, especially the Perovskite solar cell, are advancing fast and promise to achieve significantly higher efficiency rates and lower production costs. If the industry keeps developing at the same rate, the future of solar energy will definitely be bright.    

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