Storing Solar Energy: What You Should Know

Are solar batteries worth it

Powering your home or business using solar energy is a fantastic way to save substantial amounts of money and help protect the environment in the process. However, as solar power is generated mostly during peak sunlight hours, you may be wondering what happens with all the energy that isn’t immediately used.

For a long time, storing solar energy has been one of the main hurdles that held solar technologies back. Fortunately, storage solutions for solar power are becoming more and more advanced every year.

If you’re worried about the efficiency of your solar panels in winter or wish to know if you can run your AC on solar power, feel free to contact your chosen solar panel installers in Del Mar. They will tell you all about using and storing solar energy. Read on!

How is solar energy stored?Do I need batteries for solar panels

The fact that the sun doesn’t shine with the same intensity throughout the day has always been the biggest drawback of solar energy. To combat the issue and enable homeowners to rely on solar-generated electricity all year long, experts are continuously working on developing effective methods for storing solar energy.

Energy generated by modern photovoltaic systems can be stored in two main ways:

Solar batteries store electricity generated during the day for later use. If your PV system generates excess energy during peak sun hours, it goes towards charging the solar battery. This energy can be later used during the night or cloudy weather. Another advantage of solar batteries is that they provide backup power in case you experience a power outage.

Most modern solar systems are tied to the electricity grid, meaning that the excess energy is fed back into the system. Typically, solar system owners receive a credit on their energy bill for the electricity they send back into the grid. When you use more energy than your PV system has produced, you draw power from the grid without having to pay more to your utility.

Do I need batteries for solar panels?

Whether you need solar batteries will depend mostly on whether your solar system is grid-tied or not. Grid-tied systems don’t require batteries as any excess power is stored into the grid through net metering. However, if your system is off-grid, batteries would definitely be a good idea as you would waste quite a bit of energy without them as you wouldn’t be able to store any energy for later use.

However, since the recent introduction of the time-of-use rate plan and the potential end of net metering, many homeowners are considering solar batteries as this would enable them to store the power generated in off-peak times and use it during peak hours when the rates are higher.

Are solar batteries worth it?How is solar energy stored

Unfortunately, solar batteries are far from cheap. Because of this, many home and business owners are hesitant about investing in solar power storage. So, are solar batteries worth it in 2020?

The answer to this question is a complex one. This is because most modern solar batteries are designed to provide only a small amount of backup power, meaning that you would need more than just one battery if you wish to go completely off-grid. If you aren’t sure if getting solar batteries is a good idea for your situation, it’s probably best to consult knowledgeable solar professionals in your area.

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