Solar Plus Batteries for Power Outages and Emergencies in Southern California

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After all the power outages in Southern California in 2019, the frustration among utility customers started to fester. Now in 2020, new outages seem to be on the horizon, and homeowners across the area are looking for ways to avoid the inconvenience and danger of losing power.

Although Southern California is likely to come up with a more effective plan for combating infrastructure-related fire hazards at some point in the future, homeowners have a better solution: investing in solar installation and battery storage and taking control of their power usage. If you are a Vista homeowner, keep on reading to find out how solar plus batteries can help you gain independence from your utility company.

What are the benefits of solar batteries?Be prepared for outages with a Solar Battery

With more than 200,000 households with solar systems just in San Diego County, Southern California is a definite leader in using solar energy. This brings a multitude of benefits to homeowners who wish to rely on clean renewable energy while gaining more control over their energy usage. However, while standard home solar systems do bring numerous perks, they don’t enable you to protect yourself from power outages. That is where home solar batteries come in. Here are some of the most important benefits of a home solar battery system.

Gain complete energy independence

While a solar system without a battery enables you to produce your own green energy and cut down on your energy bills to an extent, it won’t be of much help when the grid goes down. With a home solar battery, you will be able to use your own electricity even during power outages. This means that you will be able to use your lithium ion battery to power your home office, charge your phone, and keep your food perfectly cool in your freezer, all during an extended power outage.

Be prepared for emergencies

Another important benefit of solar batteries is that they can help keep you and your family safe in a fire emergency when the power is cut, or any other emergency for that matter. You would be able to use your phone, radio, and other household basics, which will make it much easier to react to any emergency, with all the needed resources available to you.

Use your stored energy at any time

The main drawback of solar panels that aren’t backed up by battery storage is that they can’t deliver any electricity to your home when the grid goes down. In fact, a home solar battery gives you complete energy independence every day and night, not only during emergencies. What’s more, you can also add more home batteries to your system and accommodate for your increasing needs.

Avoid expensive rates during on-peak hours

Did you know that many households in California need zero energy from utility companies during bright sunny days if they own a solar system? Solar panels produce even more energy than a household needs, which enables the homeowner to sell the excess energy back to the grid. Things change when the sun goes down, however, as solar panels are no longer able to produce as much electricity as they need, forcing homeowners to buy the power they need from the utility company at the time of day when the rates are the most expensive.

A home battery system will enable you to use your stored power during on-peak hours, essentially allowing you to stay environmentally conscious by avoiding peaker plant produced energy and helping you avoid the highest utility rates.

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