What Happens to Solar Panels During a Power Outage?

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Power outages happen all the time. If you rely on solar panels to power your home or business, you’re probably wondering what will happen with your solar system if the power goes out. Would your solar panels still work?

In this article, the leading experts for solar panel installation services in Rancho Bernardo share valuable information on using your solar panels during a power outage. Keep reading to learn whether your solar panels can be turned off and what you should do if you’re left without power.

Will solar panels work if the power goes out?

Will solar panels work if the power goes out

In case of a blackout, your solar system would have to be turned off in order to prevent any safety hazards. When there is a power outage, the utility technicians sent to resolve the issue should be able to do so safely. Another reason why your grid-tied solar panels won’t work during a power outage is that your solar inverter will shut off if the grid shuts off.

This means that you would be without power too unless you have battery storage for your solar panels. If you do have a battery system, you will be able to operate some appliances in your home depending on the wiring set up during your solar installation.  With a battery as a part of your solar system, you will be able to rely on your solar-generated electricity without worrying about power outages.

How do I turn off my solar system?

Since your solar panels produce electricity as long as they are exposed to any amount of sunlight, performing maintenance can present a safety concern if you don’t know how to disconnect your solar panels safely. Being aware of the proper shutting down procedure is also essential during a blackout, as utility technicians need to be able to fix the outage safely, without the risk of solar power going back to the grid.

Before you attempt to turn off your solar system, you should know that your system has two sides:

  • Direct current (DC) produced by your solar panels (input).
  • Alternating current (AC) that is connected to your home and the grid (output).

In order to disconnect your solar panels safely, you will have to shut off both the DC and AC sides of your solar system. Here’s how:

How do I turn off my solar system

  • Find the AC inverter main supply on the meter box and switch it off.
  • Switch the AC breaker off. At this point, your solar system will no longer deliver power to the grid.
  • Now locate the combiner box and the DC switch or breaker and shut it off. This will turn the entire system off.

If you wish to turn the system back on, repeat the procedure but in reverse. In case you can’t turn your solar panels back on, contact your solar panel technicians.

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