When Can I Use My Solar Panels in California?

Going solar is a great way to cut down on your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint. However, many home and business owners are still hesitant about investing in solar panels because they aren’t sure how solar systems work, whether you can use solar panels all year round, how solar energy is stored and what appliances can be solar-powered.

One thing is certain – solar panels come with an array of benefits. Still, if you want to ensure you make the best of your solar experience, relying on top-quality solar panel installation services in Del Mar is definitely a must. With proper installation, your solar system will be sure to work without a hitch for years to come.

Read on to learn when your solar panels will be the most efficient in California!

Do solar panels work all year round?

If you’re thinking about having solar panels installed, you’re probably wondering if you’ll be able to rely on sun-generated power throughout the year. While it’s true that solar panels need direct sunlight to work, that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to use your panels at all if the weather isn’t perfect. Here’s what will influence how much power your solar panels generate during the year.

Where you live

Your location is possibly the most significant factor when it comes to the efficiency of your solar panels. This is because different areas in the U.S. receive different amounts of sunlight, that is, they have varying solar insolation levels.

For instance, northern states, Alaska in particular, receive the least amount of sunlight, while the southwestern states, such as California, have the highest insolation levels. The higher the solar insolation levels, the greater the amount of energy your solar panels will produce.

The tilt of the solar panels

The direction and placement of your solar panels will also determine the amount of power you receive. In general, south-facing roofs will receive the most sunlight throughout the year. If possible, your solar panels should also be tilted in a way that ensures a 90-degree angle of sun exposure. However, your solar panels should be unobstructed and free from debris for optimal results, regardless of your location.

The type of your solar system

Your seasonal power production will also be affected by the type of solar system you choose. For instance, tiltable panels will typically produce more energy thanks to their ability to follow the sun, while immobile PV panels won’t be as effective unless they are installed to face south. Furthermore, flat-panel solar systems tend to be the most efficient in southwestern areas, and ground-mounted systems are also a great option since they can be tilted at will.

Do solar panels work in the winter?

Not sure if your solar panels will work during the colder months of the year? You’d probably be surprised and happy to hear that solar panels are actually more efficient at cooler temperatures. In fact, solar panels testing shows that a typical solar system will produce its maximum output at 41°F.

What’s more, snow can even improve the efficiency of your solar system due to its anti-soiling properties and the albedo effect – when sunlight hits the reflective snow, a significantly greater amount of light will be reflected back. This means that your solar panels may absorb twice as much sunlight if they are surrounded by snow, increasing your energy output.

However, you won’t have to think about snow falling on your solar panels if you live in Del Mar. Considering that California is the best U.S. state to have solar panels installed, your solar experience will most likely be smooth sailing if you choose a reputable solar company for your installation.

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