Solar Panels San Diego Reviews: What You Should Know

solar panels San Diego reviews

As solar panels are emerging as a desired home option, installing a solar energy system on your roof can be just what you need to lower utility costs and enjoy other benefits of going solar. Before deciding on a manufacturer and calling the best solar installers San Diego has to offer, it is important to read through online reviews to find which system would best suit your home and your energy needs.

There are many solar panels San Diego reviews to browse for information, it’s essential to know what to look for. Although it may seem that the most important criteria are the category and the price of a solar panel system, it goes beyond that. The key is understanding what influences the solar panel performance and ability of conversion.


When calculating the return on investment and how much it will cost you to install solar panels, you will definitely want to know how much power they will be able to generate. This is shown through the power rating, which indicates the potential power production under ideal testing conditions. This means that in reality, the panels won’t actually produce so much power all the time, but it allows you to gain insight into where a certain manufacturer stands in relation to others.


Looking through solar panels San Diego reviews, you will often come across the term ‘solar panel efficiency’ or ‘solar cell efficiency’. This is the percentage of sunlight or solar radiation a particular panel can convert into electricity. A higher rating is definitely better, especially when you have a somewhat smaller roof space to count on for installation. Standard efficiency is somewhere around 20%, but a higher percent means a better investment in the long run.

Power tolerance

Although the rating indicates the amount of power a panel is able to produce, variations are unavoidable because of the different conditions. This is exactly why you should take a power tolerance percentage into consideration. It indicates the level of possible differences in the power output of your solar panels. You should always look for a smaller number, because the less tolerance there is, the higher the overall certainty and performance predictability of a type of solar panel.

Temperature coefficient

Even though heat and sunlight are necessary for solar panels to work properly, their efficiency can actually go down as the temperature rises. The temperature coefficient shows how much difference additional degrees from 77°F onward will make. This is the temperature for standard industry tests. Again, a lower coefficient is better, as confirmed by all solar panels San Diego reviews. The less sensitive panels will have an overall better performance in the future.


In case any problems occur with the panels, you will want to be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. They offer two types of warranties. One concerns the materials and the other performance. The equipment (materials) warranties usually guarantee there will be no failures due to materials in at least 10 years. As with any other warranties, additional years of coverage are always a plus when selecting your solar panels.

The performance warranty addresses the percentage of decline a panel will have in electricity output over the years. These warranties typically guarantee 90% production at 10 years and 80% at 25 years as the guaranteed minimum energy generation. The more electricity your solar power system produces, the less you will depend on the utility so choose high-performance solar panels that will have the least effect on your system’s long-term value so you can make the most out of your switch.

Trusted solar panels San Diego reviews

Solar panels San Diego reviews can be useful but without the guidance of experienced and skilled solar experts, you will hardly be able to determine the right solar panels for your property. Action Solar knows how much it’s important to find a quality product which will satisfy your needs and be gentle to your wallet.

We will perform a professional home energy audit, and design your solar panels to meet all technical requirements and maximize your property’s potential for energy production. Call us today and find out more about our top-notch installation services for all types of solar panels.