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    Solar Panels are Eco-Friendly and Great for the Environment

    Eco Friendly Solar Panels in San DiegoThe sun is a great, eco-friendly source of power. Scientists say the entire planet’s current energy usage for one year could be taken from the sunlight that shines on the earth for just one hour per day. Solar panels and batteries have become much more efficient in recent years. Now is the time to go solar!

    Why are solar panels environmentally friendly?

    Southern California is an optimal place for solar panels, because of the abundant solar resource. In a location such as Riverside, San Diego, and Orange counties, a five-kilowatt solar power system will produce an average of 7,000 to 8,000 kilowatt-hours per year. This is about the same as what the typical American home uses in one year.

    Solar energy can also cool and heat buildings and homes and provide natural and free lighting during the day. Residential solar panels have no moving parts and can last over 30 years in most applications. Many San Diego homeowners have saved substantially on their power bills by utilizing solar.

    It has been proven that burning fossil fuels is contributing to global warming and harming the environment. By installing solar panels on your building or home, you will be part of the solution to this dilemma. The use of fossil fuels creates strife between countries, as some have more of the resource than others. Because of this, and the finite nature of fossil fuels, it makes sense to convert your property to renewable energy. Fossil fuel prices are expected to keep rising.

    Your go-to solar company in San Diego and beyond

    Sustainable Solar Installation in San DiegoThe entire team at Action Solar Installation of San Diego is passionate about protecting the global environment, as well as local air quality. For this reason, and because of our commitment to excellent customer service, we believe strongly in the work that we do.

    Solar energy is the cleanest energy source available to homes and businesses today. We are dedicated to make your project as easy for you as possible and give you the best solar installations available in the local market today. What’s more, we also offer top-quality solar batteries for your system as well as several different types of solar panels. Call us today to learn more about solar panels!


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