Solar Panel Repair Services

Full-Service Solar Repair And Tune-Up

Solar panels are generally considered to be a low-maintenance addition to homes and businesses. While it is true that solar systems have long lifespans and rarely require repairs, you should have your solar panels checked a couple of times a year to ensure optimal performance. As one of the best solar companies in the area, Action Solar Installation of San Diego, offers in-depth maintenance and repair services for both residential and commercial solar panels across Southern California. Our certified technicians are highly trained and qualified to diagnose and resolve both simple and complex solar energy issues, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you need solar repair in San Diego, Temecula, Riverside, Menifee or Southern Riverside County.

Relying on solar energy to power your San Diego home or business is a great way to help protect the environment and cut down on your energy bills. While your solar panels can serve you efficiently for over 20 years, they do require routine maintenance if they are to remain functional throughout their lifespan.

Main Interconnection Breaker Inspection

Circuit breakers are a crucial electrical component of your solar panels in San Diego. They protect your system and your safety by cutting out the power in case of electricity surges, preventing short-circuits and fire hazards. During a maintenance check, our technicians will inspect the interconnection breaker for wear and tear, incorrect model use, and any other damage.

Inverter Diagnostics

The solar inverter is the component that allows you to use the energy produced by your solar system. It converts the direct current generated by the panels into alternating current which you can use to power your residential or commercial facility. A faulty inverter can lead to decreased energy production. That is why our solar repair experts will conduct thorough inspections of all the connections between your solar panels, main service, and inverter to make sure you are receiving all the energy that your system produces. Our San Diego professionals will also perform an in-depth cleaning of your inverter to ensure optimal efficiency.

Your Trusted Partner For Solar Repair In San Diego

Even if you haven’t noticed any warning signs with your solar panels, it is still advisable to work with a dependable solar company like Action Solar. As the leading solar experts throughout San Diego County and Southern California, the technicians at Action Solar are fully equipped to ensure optimal energy efficiency from your solar system by performing comprehensive repair and maintenance services. You can rely on us for routine solar panel maintenance and repair that includes everything from inverter cleaning to the inspection of monitoring equipment and wiring connections. Give us a call today and we’ll make sure that your solar panels serve you safely and efficiently for years to come.

System Compliance Analysis

Just like any other electrical system, your solar panels need to follow the pertinent building and fire codes in order to ensure the safety of you and your property. If installed and maintained properly, your solar system will not put you at risk. However, if your panels aren’t installed according to code, they may limit the smoke ventilation between the roof and the panels, as well as inhibit roof access in case any fires need to be put out. Our solar experts in San Diego will perform all the necessary inspections to ensure compliance and protect your safety. In addition to inspecting roof ventilation and access, they will also inspect the placement of wiring systems in order to minimize the risks of electrical fire.

Wire Nuts Replacement

Wire splice connectors or wire nuts are one of the most common culprits of solar panel failures. This is because some under-qualified and untrained solar installers tend to use improper kinds of wire nuts when connecting wires during a solar installation. As a part of our solar panel repair and maintenance service, we will check if the wire nuts used on your San Diego solar system are able to withstand the moisture and excessive heat that your panels are constantly exposed to. If not, we will replace the existing nuts in order to prevent corrosion and damage.

Shading tests

Excessive shade can greatly decrease the performance of your solar panels. In order to make sure that your system is at peak efficiency, we will inspect it for any shadows and obstructions that may reduce the energy you get from your panels. After performing all the necessary shading tests, we will devise the most beneficial approach for boosting the efficiency of your system in San Diego.

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