How to Choose the Best Solar Panel Installation Contractors?

solar panel installation contractors

When you finally decide to step up your home’s energy efficiency game and start looking for solar panel installers, San Marcos, CA, the abundance of choice might leave you at a loss. If we were to oversimplify things, we’d advise you to just make quality your number one priority. Choose top-notch solar panel installation contractors who use the finest quality equipment, the longest warranty period and staggeringly efficient solar batteries!

But, as in life, things are more complex, so we either end up making poor choices or taking forever to reach a decision. The same applies to choosing the best solar panel installation contractors – there are several factors to consider. To spare you the hassle, we’ve narrowed it all down to the following solar panel installation contractors’ must-have qualities.

How long have you been in the business?

Survival in the competitive solar energy industry is, in and of itself, a quality guarantee. Besides, the more experienced your solar panel installation contractors, the more confident you can be in their estimate and their work.

Do you offer custom-made panels?

Whichever panel type you end up going for, make sure it comes from reputable manufacturers. Also make sure that your solar panel installation contractors offer custom solutions that are perfectly suitable for the type, size and needs of your home.

What is the warranty period?

Your solar panel should have at least a 20-year manufacturer’s warranty, while the inverters and batteries should be guaranteed to last between 5 and 10 years. Your solar panel’s performance warranty should likewise cover a 20-year period.

Also remember to ask the company about their workmanship warranty, which covers damage and maintenance issues caused by faulty installation works. It should cover a 5 to 10-year period.

Do you conduct an energy audit?

An integral part of the whole solar system installation process is a comprehensive energy audit, that is, analyzing your home’s typical energy usage and energy efficiency. It should also include an estimate of any actions to be taken prior to the installation, such as home repairs.

Do you charge for the estimate?

Trustworthy solar panel installation contractors take every stage of their work seriously. Since carrying out an estimate is prerequisite for a professional job, it should be completely free.

Am I required to do anything?

Renowned, first-class solar panel installation contractors will obtain any permits required by your local authority so you don’t  have to lift a finger.

Is financing flexible?

Last but not least, consider the finances. After all, getting an economical solution for your home does not come cheap. Your solar panel installation contractors should realize just how important financial assistance is to you, so ask about any incentives and rebates you may be eligible for.

With Action Solar’s solar panel installation contractors, you’ll be basking in the sun happier than ever

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