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Go Solar with Solar Financing San Diego Incentives from Action Solar

Superior solar installation, maintenance, repair and replacement services to homes and businesses in Southern California

Action Air Conditioning & Solar is happy to offer different financing options to customers who would like to invest in a clean energy home. With our financing incentives, not only can you obtain an affordable solar energy system but get an additional ROI every month!

Our solar financing San Diego options are designed to cater to a variety of solar services, including installation, repair and replacement. Decrease your carbon footprint and enjoy lower energy bills month after month with Action Air Conditioning & Solar!

HERO Financing Makes Switching to Solar Easy

The HERO Financing Program is a one-of-a-kind lending program aimed at homeowners in need of an affordable and straightforward way of solar power finance for their home improvement projects.

The home improvements eligible for HERO Financing include solar, windows, doors, roofs, as well as air conditioning and heating systems projects. HERO Financing enables homeowners to improve the energy efficiency of their home not only more affordably but also more quickly than with other financing programs.

Over 900,000 energy-efficient products qualify for the HERO Financing Program.

HERO is a local, government-sponsored financing program that enables homeowners to pay for their eligible home improvements with their property taxes. If the homeowner decides to sell their home, the repayment scheme can even be transferred from the seller to the buyer. In essence, whoever owns the house/property is responsible for the HERO payments.

HERO makes it possible for homeowners to borrow up to 10% of their home’s value. No credit score is required and HERO can even provide tax benefits with instant approval.

Discover All about Our Solar Financing Options

Do you want to discover the quickest and most affordable way for solar power finance to install solar on your home? Action Air Conditioning & Solar is a dedicated HVAC company with a team of seasoned professionals. We specialize in solar installations and have already serviced hundreds of homeowners throughout Southern California.

We constantly update our solar financing San Diego options. Contact us today to discover what options we have available so you can save on energy bills every month!

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