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Rebates to Make Solar Affordable

The price of solar has been slashed in more than half since 2010 and the average non-solar San Diego utility electric bill has been on the steady rise. Solar makes sense, especially in California and San Diego and Riverside County. We get over 260 days of sunshine year round. Your home could cover most of your home’s energy needs, requiring only a small portion to be obtained through the SDG&E or SCE. It’s fortunate that there are numerous rebates related to solar program and energy efficiency to reduce the upfront costs of installing your residential solar.

SDG&E and SCE rebate options

Net Energy Metering 2.0

SDG&E compensates solar customers for any excess power they generate through their Net Metering Energy program 2.0. Once a year is the true-up period, when participants of the program have their accounts reconciled to review the amount of energy they purchased from SDG&E, the amount of energy they produced and sent to the grid and any adjustments and payments made to their account. If the amount of energy the customer produced exceeds the amount they bought, they get compensated for the difference. Compensation can be in the form of wholesale value of the electricity or in the form of Renewable Energy Credits (REC).

Solar Water Heaters

This is a California Solar Initiative (CSI) program. There is a list of qualified solar thermal systems. The program is ratepayer-funded and applications are submitted to the Center for Sustainable Energy.

Single-family Affordable Solar Homes Program (SASH)

SASH program is structured to provide upfront rebates to qualifying low-income single family homes. It is ratepayer-funded through California Public Utilities Commission.

Multi-family Affordable Solar Homes Program (MASH)

This California Solar Initiative Program enables low-income owners of multi-tenant homes to improve the overall quality of affordable housing. However, SDG&E territory is already fully subscribed. In the SCE territory, the rebates might still be available.

Federal Investment Tax Credit

Your tax consultant can tell you whether you are eligible for a tax credit amounting to maximum 30% of your solar panel installation cost.

Energy Upgrade California Home Upgrade

Various home improvement projects aimed at making your home more comfortable, healthier and more energy-efficient are eligible for a rebate ranging from $1,000 to $5,500.

Your solar installer could have financing options

Action Solar is always looking for ways to make your lives easier. We can tell you all about HERO financing and other ways of financing your solar installation project. We want to help you go solar with all the information you need to make your home improvement project a pleasure for years to come! Call us!