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    No San Diego homeowner is new to the solar panels installation trend. The state of California has welcomed and embraced this tendency, so it is no wonder that more and more home and business owners opt for this energy source. In their pursuit of the premium-quality panels and reliable installation companies, more and more customers stop searching once they meet expert Action Solar Installers of San Diego. For a company with a long tradition and experience in the business, such turn of events comes as no surprise. If you live in San Diego, give us a call and see for yourself! We service Murrieta solar, Temecula and other San Diego neighborhoods.

    Top-notch quality work, business integrity

    Uncompromised experience backed up with a long tradition

    Partners with industry-leading solar panel manufacturers

    Financing options to suit any need

    Solar installers committed to excellence

    With Action Solar, your San Diego home or place of business is in the best hands. We are a professional solar panels installation team with unmatched reputation, a title which we earned serving our community with both uncompromised expertise and genuine care of our customers. Our solar business has been up and running since 1975, and when it comes to solar panels installation, long tradition goes a long way. Many of our San Diego clients rewarded us with their positive reviews, as our team recognized their needs and attended to them with due regard and outstanding professionalism.

    First-class solar panels – a perfect fit for any San Diego property

    Every property is different and, therefore, requires a different approach. Our on-site property evaluation helps us determine which solar panel type, size and design your San Diego property would benefit from the most. Rest assured – all solar panels installed by our team come from industry-leading solar panel manufacturers, like Lumos, Canadian Solar, Phono Solar and Lennox SunSource®. Solar selection and installation process are executed carefully, so the panel (or panels) fits your property like a glove, in terms of both functionality and aesthetics.

    Ask us about solar installation financing options

    Financing your San Diego solar project has never been easier to plan and control. Action Solar support team will gladly assist you in planning your solar venture, staying available for any question you might have. We work closely with HERO financing program, supporting business and home owners in their aspirations to upgrade their San Diego properties with cleaner energy sources. We also pay close attention to the trends in the field of financing options that are yet to come, so we are always up to date.

    Do you find yourself puzzled when thinking how to finance the much needed solar upgrade? Don’t hesitate to call us and learn more on the matter!

    San Diego solar panels installation marvel: Action Solar, your go-to expert for any solar upgrade

    To run a successful solar venture, you need a stable, reliable and professional partner, considerate when it comes to your needs. Reach out to Action Solar Installers of San Diego to find all that you ask for, and even more. We bring long tradition and expertise to the game, providing premium-quality panels and executing impeccable solar installation. Don’t hesitate to contact us – your San Diego property much-needed eco-friendly upgrade awaits!

    San Diego solar future is here!  Action Solar expert installers recommend: Get clean, sustainable energy in your own home – today!