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Join the Solar Camp with the Best Solar Installers in Temecula

  • Reduce your monthly utility expenses
  • Protect yourself from the hiking energy costs
  • Repurpose your savings to travel, education and things you love
  • Make a meaningful contribution to reducing pollution

For these and more reasons, solar makes so much sense in San Diego. Action Solar Installers of San Diego are here to help you go solar. San Diego is proud to be the second city in the nation with the largest number of solar installations. As a result, there are more solar panel installers San Diego than you can count but only a number of them will actually ensure you love your solar panel system for years to come. We consider ourselves among those. Here’s why.

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Best solar panel brands

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We work with Temecula, Oceanside, Poway solar systems and across San Diego metro area.

Install industry-leading solar panels

Action Solar Installers of San Diego work only with highest-quality solar panel brands. Being a Lennox premier dealer, we proudly offer their Lennox SunSourceⓇ solar panels which are specifically designed to offset your HVAC-related energy consumption.

We also work with such premiere brands as: Canadian Solar, Lumos and Phono Solar. All the solar panels we offer you give you not only highest quality, but also an extraordinary visual appeal. The design of solar panels is also important to include in your considerations.

Why is it so important which solar installer you work with?

Solar installation is a process. There are at least 6 stages: estimate, pre-design research & prepping the home, design, permits, installation and inspection. The experience of the solar installer you choose for your Temecula home or business will determine whether you’ll have a smooth sailing through the majority of those stages or not.

Your solar panel installation is a major home improvement project. You don’t want to risk your present investment and future savings by going with a sub-par contractor.

Do you need help exploring financing options in Temecula?

Action Solar Installers of San Diego would be happy to assist you in finding financing options for your solar panel system. We have lots of experience with the HERO program, but we are also constantly alert to new financing options to help our customers.

HERO program is aimed at homeowners, requires no credit score check and it can even give tax benefits. There are also many more programs, but we’d love to discuss them in person.

Why is Action Solar Installers of San Diego your proven choice?

When you launch your solar panel project with Action Solar Installers of San Diego, you get a company with over 43 years of tradition and a stellar local reputation. We are continuously committed to delivering you the most professional, accountable and reasonably-priced services. Based in San Marcos, we service San Diego cities, Riverside solar, Murrietta solar and communities with the utmost respect for your time and property.

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