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    Switching to solar has never been easier in Santee, CA! If you are a home or business owner who wants to help save the environment but also protect your wallet from utility rates, reach out to Action Solar Installers of San Diego! We service Santee and other neighborhoods in San Diego, CA. With thousands of installs under our belt and over 30,000 happy customers, we can provide you with a secure and reliable installation of solar panels in San Diego and top-quality solar panels tailored to your energy needs for maximum efficiency. We can deliver safe and dependable solar solutions in San Marcos, design your custom-made solar system in Rancho Santa Fe or install high-performance solar panels in Rancho Bernardo, Santee or elsewhere in the area without a hitch.We will make sure that your solar panels outlive their warranty, remaining trouble-free on your roof for decades!

    High-performance, long-lasting solar panels

    Tailor-made solar power solutions

    Professional home energy efficiency audits

    Affordable options for solar financing

    Quick and seamless solar panel installation from start to finish in Santee, CA

    Enjoy quick and seamless solar panel installation from start to finish in Santee, CA! Each home is different, and each solar project has its own set of challenges. Your solar contractor should offer first-rate solar panels and impeccable installation, handling each and every step of the process.

    You’d want a team of trained, experienced and skilled professionals in different fields to evaluate your property in Santee, CA, so they can provide solar panels tailored to meet your specific preferences and needs. Only then can you maximize energy production and crush your electricity bills!

    Our goal is to design and install a solar system that is right for you. We will conduct a free on-site inspection, evaluating your current and future energy demands and needs. Not only will we test your property for energy efficiency, but we will also determine how to boost its energy production. We will also examine your roof to see if the structure can support the panels, recommending modifications and/or repairs when needed.

    Based on the information we gather and our professional assessment, we will custom design your solar panels to be the perfect fit for your home or business. Our team will take care of all the planning and paperwork prior to the installation. As soon as you approve the design and we obtain necessary permits, the construction process may begin!

    Financing assistance that makes go solar in Santee easy and affordable

    At Action Solar Installers of San Diego, we also make sure that you take advantage of all available incentives and find the quickest, most affordable way to finance your solar panel installation in Santee, CA.

    As a HERO registered contractor in San Diego County, we can educate you about this one-of-a-kind financing program that offers low-interest loans to property owners for solar energy installations. We also regularly update our financing options so it will be our pleasure to offer you financing assistance and help decrease the financial effect of switching to solar on your budget.

    Ultra-efficient solar panels for your Santee home or business

    We want you to make the most out of your energy efficient improvements! Based on your requirements and budget, we will recommend the best solution for your home or business in Santee, CA.

    Lennox, Lumos, Canadian Solar, and Phono Solar are one of the world´s biggest and most recognized solar panel manufacturers. They produce solar panels that are durable, highly efficient and beautiful. Once installed, the custom designed solar panels from well-established companies will be your safe, reliable and affordable supply of electricity for many years to come!

    Enjoy your new solar energy system and increase your savings with the leading solar panel installers in Santee, CA!