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    Top Solar Installers in Rancho Bernardo, CAIf you haven’t gone solar yet, the time is now! With San Diego at the forefront of solar energy use, Rancho Bernardo is definitely following suit. As an eco-minded home or business owner in Rancho Bernardo, all you need to do is find a reliable solar panel installer. Luckily, Action Solar Installers of San Diego is just a quick phone call away! Aside from Rancho Bernardo, we serve neighborhoods across San Diego County. We can install your brand new solar panels in Ramona, devise your customized solar solution in Poway or upgrade your solar system in Oceanside. Just say the word and we’ll be on it!

    Full-service solar installation in Rancho Bernardo

    Get a full-service solar installation in Rancho Bernardo. Going solar has outstanding benefits, but only if the panels are installed properly the first time around. If you risk it with sub-par contractors, you will soon find out that the initial “savings” you think you made on installation will actually cost you more in electricity, panel repairs and – re-installing.

    This is why you should go with experienced solar installers like Action Solar. We are a full-service installer serving Rancho Bernardo, meaning that our process includes several stages and includes professionals with different expertise, all working together to install your solar panels safely and to maximum efficiency – the first time around!

    We start off with your home energy performance test. It is essential that we establish how much energy your home or business consumes. We also assess the property’s potential for solar use and determine what solar panel type and size will accommodate its needs the best.

    During the design stage, we make a tailored solution that is unique for your property’s requirements and potential. Our goal is to make the most of the potential the property has. At this point, we also inspect the roof to see if it needs repair or adjustment to support the solar panels.

    Obtaining the permits is another important step before the actual installation. We obtain all the necessary permits once we get your approval of the design. Once we have the necessary permits, we schedule the installation, and you get your Rancho Bernardo solar panel system in a matter of days!

    Partnering with the best installer is a safe investment

    When installed properly, solar panels can work efficiently for 25 years. That’s a huge investment to make, which is why you need to decide on who you will trust with the installation and what solar panel they will install.

    Action Solar Installers of San Diego is a trustworthy partner as we install only the highest-quality solar panels. We choose the solar panel brands based on their performance and aesthetic appeal.

    What sets us apart from other Rancho Bernardo and San Diego solar panel installers is that we customize every design so that the panel you choose is the best fit for your property.

    Easy financing plans

    Qualified Solar Installers in Rancho BernardoAction Solar Installers of San Diego is promoting solar initiatives and is happy to be able to offer flexible and varied financing options for our Rancho Bernardo customers. Our vast repeat and referral business with over 30,000 satisfied customers is testament to our dedication to the customers and the community.

    Get a clean and sustainable source of energy and lower your electricity bills – contact the preferred solar panel installers in Rancho Bernardo!