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    Are you thinking of installing solar panels on your property in Ramona, CA? Not every solar panel installation is the same so don’t partner with any solar contractor. Seek the services of a San Diego company with a remarkable track record in the solar industry. Choose Action Solar Installers of San Diego! We service Ramona and all other San Diego communities. Going solar in Ramona, CA, has never been easier, especially with the right team of solar panel installers by your side! We are behind the innovative solar solutions in Poway, the high-performance solar systems in Oceanside and the advanced solar options in Mira Mesa. What more could you ask for?

    The most efficient solar panels on the market

    Home energy performance testing

    Solar panel custom design

    Flexible solar financing plans

    Full service residential and commercial solar providers in Ramona, CA

    The installation of solar panels is a process that requires expertise and experience. The actual installation takes a few days but it’s the steps before the construction phase that take time, thorough planning and diligent work.

    If you want the best results and a worry-free operation of your system, let a renowned solar contractor, such as Action Solar Installers of San Diego handle your project. We will manage the whole process from start to finish, guiding you through its each and every stage.

    First, we do a free preliminary inspection to assess both your current and future energy needs. After we conduct a home energy performance test, our experts will determine the best placement for the solar panels to maximize the panel’s energy output. We will also inspect the structural integrity of your roof to see if any repairs and/or adjustments need to be made so it can hold solar panels.

    Once our team has all the necessary information, we can start working on a design. The size, type, orientation, and placement of the solar panels will depend on the features of your Ramona home or business and your needs.

    As soon as you approve the design, we will handle all technical documents and apply for necessary permits. After the permits are obtained, we can schedule the solar panel installers San Diego of your solar energy system!

    Custom solar panels designed to fit

    All our solar power systems are fully custom to accommodate your energy preferences. Our team of seasoned specialists in various fields will create the most efficient PV system that maximizes your electricity production all year round. We will see to it that you have a productive and reliable solar power system that can generate electricity for at least 25 years, and then outlive its warranty!

    Top quality solar panels from world renowned manufacturers

    We carry superior quality, high-performance, and durable solar panels from the most popular solar brands worldwide, like Canadian Solar, Lennox, Phono Solar, and Lumos. All these manufacturers are well-established and well-known for their unique, beautifully designed, and highly functional solar panels.

    Depending on your budget and the potential of your home or business in Ramona, CA, we can suggest panels that will be the best fit for your property. We also offer various financing solutions and, as a registered HERO contractor, can inform you about the HERO program. We will make sure that you get the highest return on investment!

    Want the best solar panels for your Ramona home or business? Contact one of the leading solar panel installers in San Diego, CA and you’ll have a system that will run for years, hassle-free!