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  • Add value to your business or home 
  • Rely on a renewable energy source
  • Take control of your carbon footprint 

Thinking about joining the millions of people who support the global shift towards using cleaner energy? If you are a home or business owner who has decided to go solar, you need to make sure you do it right. And what better way to do that than by relying on top-quality solar panel installation in San Diego? More than 30,000 satisfied customers throughout Southern California have chosen the experienced installers at Action Solar to help them make the shift. Become one of them today!  

Custom solar panel installation

Maximum efficiency and durability

In-depth energy consumption testing

A variety of flexible financing plans

Your go-to solar panel installation in Fallbrook 

When you choose to work with Action Solar, you’ll have no doubts about the quality of your solar system. We work with all the leading solar panel manufacturers and brands and boast a team of solar installation professionals who’ll help you make the best of your solar experience. 

Lennox SunSource ®, Phono Solar and Lumos are just some of the reputable brands we work with. Each of them combines the highest levels of performance and design quality with the best warranty options on the market to help home and business owners reap all the benefits of going solar in the best way possible. 

Superb solar installation Fallbrook residents count on

Without proper installation, your solar panel system may prove to be more trouble than it’s worth. Relying on inexperienced contractors is likely to result in unnecessary repairs or even a re-installation that could set you back significantly. 

Luckily, you can avoid all of these issues by reaching out to seasoned solar installers in Fallbrook who employ unrivaled craftsmanship and expertise to provide you with a solar system that is sure to last you for 25 years or more.  

Personalized solar panel installation Fallbrook can’t do without

Before they install your solar panels, Action Solar installers will perform an on-site energy performance assessment completely free of charge. This is a crucial step that serves to establish your current energy consumption and evaluate the potential of your home or business for using solar energy. 

Once we’ve assessed your property, we’ll also inspect your roof for any signs of damage and determine the best solar panel type and size for your individual needs. We do all of this and more to provide each customer with a tailor-made solar experience that leaves nothing to be desired. 

The best thing about hiring Action Solar for your solar panel installation is that we do everything in our power to ensure you get the biggest return on your investment. Check out our financing plans and give us a call for additional details!  

Our solar panel installers in Fallbrook guarantee excellence 

After we get your approval for the design, we’ll take all the necessary steps to obtain all the permits for your solar panel installation. With that out of the way, there’s nothing left but the installation itself! 

The entire process is designed for your maximum convenience- it will take us no more than a day or two to set up your solar system. Just leave everything to us while you take some time to enjoy the beauty of nature at Los Jilgueros or the Dinwiddie Preserve with your family. 

Fallbrook residents are not the only ones who get to rely on top-notch solar panel installation. Home and business owners can also reach out to unequaled solar installers in Del Mar and count on the leading solar panel installation in Rancho Santa Fe. Contact us today and schedule your free evaluation!  

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