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    If you are planning to power your El Cajon home or business with solar energy, Action Solar Installers of San Diego are here to help you trim your electricity bills and enjoy a solar power system that will operate at its best for many years to come! Our expertise-based solar services are available across San Diego. We’re your best choice whether you want to hire quality services in El Cajon, the leading solar installers in Del Mar, premium-quality solar installations in Chula Vista, or any other community in San Diego County, CA. Boasting 30,000+ satisfied customers and decades of experience in the solar and HVAC industry, we are San Diego’s first choice for solar panel design and installation. We will provide you with a seamless, hassle-free installation and high-performance, tailor-made solar panels!

    Solar panel custom design

    Ultra-efficient solar panels

    Analysis of your home’s energy performance

    Varied and flexible financing programs

    Professional and timely solar panel installation in El Cajon, CA

    You can get professional and timely solar panel installation in El Cajon, CA. If you want to make the most out of your solar panels, you should partner with an experienced solar contractor providing full solar panel installation services. Not all solar panels are the same and the same goes for solar companies.

    For a worry-free installation, turn to a solar contractor that is familiar with solar electric system requirements and that specializes in solar panel design and installation. At Action Solar Installers of San Diego, we are dedicated to providing you with premium, custom-made solar panels based on your energy needs and the features of your property in El Cajon, CA. Each and every step of the process is focused on maximizing the amount of electricity your solar energy system generates.

    The first stage of pre-installation solar panel process is a free on-site inspection of your home or business. We will make a thorough evaluation of how your El Cajon property uses energy, discuss your requirements and determine the potential of your property.

    After our trained experts conduct a home energy performance audit and examine the roof for obstructions, suggesting adjustments and/or repairs whenever necessary, we can start working on your solar panel design!

    We will use the obtained information to determine the size, type, orientation and placement of the panels and enhance the overall performance of your solar energy system. When you approve our design and we handle the paperwork, including the necessary permits, we can begin the solar panel installation process! Once we start, your energy-efficient improvements will be finished in a matter of days!

    Fully integrated, superior quality solar panels for your property in El Cajon, CA

    Canadian Solar, Lumos, Lennox, and Phono Solar are all notable manufacturers of solar panels, and we work with them so we can provide you with the best products and service available! We will help you choose the solution that best meets your energy needs and your budget.

    Recognized for their premium quality, performance and appearance, and manufactured in a custom designed, these solar panels will generate electricity for 25+ years, outliving their warranty and delivering high efficiency!

    Different options to finance your solar panel system in El Cajon, CA

    Action Solar Installers of San Diego is a registered contractor for the HERO Program. We will educate you about the program’s benefits and qualifications and inform you about all the available incentives. We will also give you a number of flexible options to finance your solar panel installation in El Cajon or your custom solar installation project in Carlsbad, CA.

    This is just one of the ways we will show you how much we care about our clients. Call us to find out more!

    Go solar with #1 solar panel installers in El Cajon, CA. We can save you lots of time, money, and energy!