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    • Lowers your energy bills
    • 100% renewable and clean energy powering your business or home
    • Saves the environment
    • Saves you thousands of dollars you can spend any way you wish

    There are many more reasons you’d want to install a solar power system to your property. You can make the most out of all of them by reaching out to a dependable solar installation company in San Diego. Our expert solar installers service Vista, Carlsbad, Chula Vista, and other communities throughout the San Diego area. Residential solar energy systems, commercial solar panel San Diego installation, custom-built solar panels, we can do it all! If you need installation of solar panels in Carlsbad CA, Action Solar Installers of San Diego can help you create and enhance your energy independence with top-of-the-line solar panels. We are only a call away!

    Comprehensive solar panel installation services in Carlsbad, CA

    As a leader in solar panel installations in Santee, Carlsbad and the rest of San Diego, Action Solar has set the standard for the rest of the nation when it comes to major energy savings and protecting our planet. Many homes and businesses are now powered with solar energy but not all of them can see a return on their investment. Installation of solar panels in Carlsbad CA is our speciality.

    Why is that?

    It’s because they have settled for sub-par contractors and solar panels without previously exploring all options. This is when cheaper is actually more expensive. Not all contractors are the same so choose your solar panel installers wisely; otherwise, you may easily end up losing thousands of dollars on electricity, panel repair, and even re-installation of your solar system.

    Entrust your solar panel installation to professionals with a stellar reputation and experience such as Action Solar. We provide full solar power installation services, meaning that our process begins with testing the energy efficiency of your home or business and a thorough inspection of the layout. We want to install solar panels that are the perfect fit for your property in Carlsbad.

    Why Action Solar?

    Not only do we determine the amount of energy your property consumes, but we also assess the potential of your house or business for solar energy consumption. Only then can we establish which type and size of solar panel can meet your energy needs best.

    Our aim is to design and install solar panels that will fully reach the potential for solar energy generation your property has. Thus, one of the steps of our solar panel pre-installation inspection is roof examination. Our team will perform roof measurements and identify any technical issues and roof damage. If needed, we will suggest adjustments to the layout so it can properly support the solar panels.

    Once you approve our design, we will obtain all necessary state law permits. Then the installation of your solar panels can begin!  In only one or two days, your home or business will be running on solar power!

    World-class solar panel brands for your home or business in Carlsbad, CA

    We take pride in working with worldwide recognized brands of solar panels, like Lenox, Lumos, Phono Solar, and Canadian Solar. Aesthetically pleasing and high in performance, these solar panels still need to be custom designed and optimized so that you get a maximum power producing power system.

    This is why you should work with solar contractors who have the skills, expertise, and experience. Only then can a solar panel installation give you peace of mind, as well as the biggest return on investment. Whether you need expert solar installation in San Marcos, Carlsbad, or any other location in San Diego, call us today!