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    Solar batteries have grown in popularity in recent years

    Combining your solar installation with a home battery makes good sense. The battery will charge during the day when the sun is out, and the stored power can be used at sundown when time of use power is more expensive.

    Self power with a home battery

    Use your residential solar panels with a home battery, any time of the day or night. With a battery, there is no need to send excess power back to the grid. Typically, utilities pay back customers for excess power at a much lower rate than the customers pay for power.

    Self power with a home battery

    Have backup power ready for emergencies

    With home energy battery storage, you can rest assured that your critical home appliances, such as your refrigerator, will have power during a blackout. Blackouts are occurring more frequently in Southern California, due to the increased danger of wildfires.

    Time-of-Use (TOU) energy billing

    Time-of-Use energy rates are charged by utilities during peak times. Save money by using your stored battery power during peak times and avoid the higher charges, for maximum financial savings and best utilization of your solar power system.

    Off grid (standalone)

    Batteries are required for an off-grid system, since by definition an off-grid system is not connected to the power grid. This is a growing installation type in the solar power industry, many individuals being independent of the energy grid.

    Today’s advanced solar batteries

    Solar panels combined with batteries has existed for over 100 years, but recently the technology has reached a point where the power storage is very convenient and cost effective for the consumer. Having a battery will change your energy management for the better. Enjoy energy independence with a battery, with the ability to use your own power independent of the utilities.

    Call us today about solar batteries and we’ll explain the many benefits of storing and using your own renewable energy.

    The SGIP energy storage rebate is still available!

    California’s The Self-Generation Incentive Program, (SGIP) covers a significant portion of the cost of most home solar batteries. The funds are expected to run out quickly, which is typical of these types of programs. So the time to act is now, before funds run out! We will handle all of the required paperwork. Call us today!

    Many options available

    Battery backup power can be added to any new or pre-existing solar power system.

    Many different brands, options and configurations exist. To find out which storage solution is best for you, talk to our friendly and knowledgeable representatives.

    Peak-shaving to save money

    Peak-shaving is the term for using battery power during the higher Time-of-Use (TOU) energy billing in place by Southern California energy companies. In most cases, your battery can be programmed to begin offsetting these higher charges when that more expensive time of day begins.

    Time-of-Use energy rate structures

    If you are a Southern California Edison (SCE) customer and buy a new solar system, the company forces you into Time-of-Use billing under Net Metering 2.0. You will receive less credit for the electricity you send back to the grid during the day. Energy storage with a battery solves this dilemma.

    The SGIP energy storage rebate is still available

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