Solar Panels in California: What You Should Know

Is it mandatory to have solar panels in California

California is possibly the best place for solar panel installation due to its location and a variety of incentives that have been in place for a long time now. However, there is a number of things you should know if you’re planning to have solar panels installed on your California home.

The solar situation in California is constantly morphing and, for the most part, improving for both home and condo owners. Solar panels bring a full range of benefits if you rely on reputable solar installers in Del Mar, CA. For starters, going solar can increase the value of your home in California and you can even eliminate your electric bill by installing solar panels.

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Is it mandatory to have solar panels in California?Can you put solar panels on a condo in California

As of January 2020, solar panels will be mandatory for all new homes that are up to three stories high. The California Building Standards Commission (CBSC) has given the final YES to this rule and has made California the first state to make solar panels mandatory in the entire nation. Naturally, the rule will have certain exemptions and the implementation will be optimized to benefit homeowners as much as possible. For instance, houses that are predominantly in the shade will be exempted from the rule.

The solar power mandate is an important step towards the state’s 2045 goal to eliminate the use of fossil fuels completely. Solar panels also help combat ozone-damaging emissions from electricity that’s generated from natural gas.

In addition to the environmental benefits, the solar panel rule will be beneficial for homeowners, too, bringing substantial savings in the long run despite increasing the initial housing costs. This is because houses built with solar panels are predicted to use approximately 53% less electricity than before, enabling homeowners to save as much as $19,000 over the course of 30 years.

Can you put solar panels on a condo in California?

For a long time, condo owners struggled to get approval from their homeowner association if they wanted to have solar panels installed. If you are living in a condo or loft and wondering what your options are for going solar, you’re in luck! Thanks to a new California law, you won’t have to seek approval from the HOAs if you want to join the solar revolution.

Can an HOA deny solar panels in California?

Under Civil Code section 714.1, condo owners have the right to install solar panels on their own property for household purposes without HOA intervention. In a nutshell, if you want to have solar panels installed on your own garage or rooftop, HOAs will no longer have the right to prohibit the installation.

The only instance when you may have to go through a site survey is if you intend to install the panels on a common area. In this case, HOAs may prohibit the installation if the survey concludes that it would be unfeasible or impractical.Can an HOA deny solar panels in California

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With all these favorable solar power regulations in place, there’s no reason why you should wait to have solar panels installed on your California home. What’s more, with the solar investment tax credit expected to drop in 2020, there’s no better time to go solar than now.

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