Why Lithium-Ion Batteries Are the Best Choice for Solar

Are Lithium Ion Batteries Good for Solar

Solar-powered homes have become a common sight in California. Now, with planned rolling blackouts and ever-increasing utility rates, more and more homeowners are deciding to further improve their solar panels by adding battery storage.

Among the different solar battery options available to San Diego homeowners, lithium-ion batteries have proven to be the most well-rounded choice. Thanks to their long lifespans, simple installation, and minimal maintenance requirements, these batteries have easily earned the top spot in the battery storage market.

In this article, the leading solar repair experts in San Diego will illustrate why lithium-ion batteries are a great addition to your solar system. Keep on reading.

Are lithium ion batteries better than lead acid?

Lead acid and lithium-ion batteries are the two most common options for solar system owners. While both of these battery types may be a good choice for homeowners, lithium-ion batteries have several important advantages over lead acid. In fact, the only perk of lead acid batteries is their cost, as they are typically less expensive than other battery storage options. But for the vast majority of homeowners, lithium-ion batteries would be a superior choice owing to their high efficiency, longevity, and reliability.

Are lithium batteries good for solar?

Are lithium ion batteries better than lead acid

Modern lithium-ion battery technologies bring a vast number of benefits for solar panel users. Here’s why this battery type is the best choice for your solar system:

  • Better DoD: DoD, i.e. Depth of Discharge refers to the stored energy that your system can use without having to charge the battery, compared to the overall battery capacity. Lithium-ion batteries have DoDs of approximately 95%, whereas lead acid options only have 50%.
  • Long lifespan: Thanks to their high DoDs, lithium-ion batteries don’t have to be charged as often. This greatly improves their longevity. In fact, most lithium-ion batteries come with 10-year warranties or cycle lives of around 10,000 cycles.
  • High efficiency: lithium-ion batteries have efficiency ratings that fall in the 90-95% range. This means that you can get much more usable energy from this battery type than most other popular options.
  • High energy density: this refers to the amount of power the battery can store relative to its size. Lithium batteries can hold more power than lead acid, while being smaller in size, which makes them a great option for smaller spaces.
  • Maintenance-free: a lithium ion battery requires almost zero maintenance to remain in good shape throughout its lifetime. What’s more, you won’t have to worry about expensive repairs and draining issues if you choose this type of battery.

Which solar batteries last longest?

Owing to their high DoD, lithium batteries have longer lifespans when compared to other options such as lead acid. They are designed to provide reliable performance over their 10-year lifespan. The only other competitor worth mentioning in terms of lifespan is the saltwater battery, the newest addition to the home energy storage industry. However, this newcomer is relatively untested and hard to get, meaning that the lithium-ion battery is still the optimal choice for most solar panel users.

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