Solar Panel System: Average Size and Output

How big is a 5kW solar system

What a time to be alive, especially if you live in the sunny San Diego! We can reap all the benefits of a clean and sustainable energy source, knowing that we’re saving both money and the planet. Having a solar power system installed is not only a refreshing energy-efficient solution for any type of property, but also an excellent long-term investment for homes in this area. You’ll find the decision to go solar much easier to make once you hear about the many perks that come with it.

However, before you go for it, you have to understand the basics and make the right decision regarding the solar panel system size that applies to your particular case. In other words, you need to find the right panel size for your home from the vast variety of differently-sized residential solar panels in San Diego to choose from. Although this is in certainly not the only factor that affects the system’s efficiency, it is definitely an important one. Here’s what you need to know!

How much power does a 5kW solar system produce per day?

What size solar panel do I needObviously, you’re primarily interested in one thing: why your solar power system is a sound investment energy-wise. A system of solar panels with a 5kW rated capacity will generate more electricity on an annual basis if your house is getting more direct sunlight. Since your home is in Southern California, you’ll be pleased to hear that 5 kW is the average annual residential consumption of electricity.

But wait, there’s more: you are, by default, in a much better position than if you were to live in, say, Massachusetts. It’s all thanks to the sunny weather we’ve been blessed with! In other words, you’ll be getting more bang for your back as your investment will start to pay off much sooner.

How big is a 5kW solar system?

In practical terms, if you’re wondering about the system’s size, that is, surface, 5 kilowatts or 5000 watts requires up to 400 square feet surface that’s exposed to direct sunlight. As for the number of panels, a 5kW solar system may consist of, for instance, 16 300-watt panels. It can also consist of a higher number of panels with a smaller power output.

As far as you, the homeowner, is concerned, it’s all the same since the surface covered by the solar panel system will inevitably stay the same. Regarding the size of individual panels, it’s pretty simple: it is ultimately the surface area that matters. In other words, the difference is that the lower the power output of a single panel, the larger its surface, that is, its physical size.

What size solar panel do I need?

Obviously, all of this sounds quite abstract if you’re new to the world of solar energy and you want to know not only how big the solar power system you’re considering is going to be. The solution has to be adequate and take into consideration the size of your home or, more specifically, your rooftop. To put things in perspective, you’re going to need more detailed and more concrete information, such as the number of panels you’re going to need.

Determining the solar panel size and the total number of solar panels will luckily not be up to you so you don’t have to worry about it. An experienced solar panel contractor will make that call after inspecting your home’s energy efficiency, energy needs, sun exposure, roof surface area and the like.

How much power is sufficient for my home?

This is the type of information that you can find all by yourself. All you need to do is take a look at your monthly utility bill, or, better yet, at your annual consumption. That should give you a pretty clear picture of your home’s average energy consumption. Your solar power system contractor will also require this bit of information as they’ll use it to determine the total rated capacity of your solar panels and their number.

Will any solar panel size save me money?

You’ll be pleased to hear that you’ll definitely save money regardless of the panel system size, in terms of both the upfront costs and the long-term savings. When you first see the cost of installing a solar power system, you might suffer a sticker shocker, but once you look into it, you’ll come to realize that it all makes sense. Most importantly, you won’t have to worry about replacing your solar panels any time soon because you’ll get a generous warranty upon their installation.

How much power does a 5kW solar system produce per dayIn other words, it all adds up, especially if you live in California which not only has plenty of sun but also continues to invest in the stability of its electrical grid. The state offers rebates and incentives, owing to which it earned its reputation as the undisputed leader in the field of solar power. Following this initial reduction of costs and the installation itself comes the part you’ve been waiting for all your life. You’ll finally notice that your utility bills will start putting a smile on your face instead of the usual frown!

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