Solar Energy: Transportation and Storage

Thinking about going solar? You probably have a myriad of questions about the way solar energy is harnessed to power homes and businesses across the world. Read on to find out how solar energy is stored and transported

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How far can solar energy travel?

Transporting energy over long distances can be a challenge. The main problem here is that when renewable energy is transported from the source to a destination that’s not in the immediate surroundings of the installed solar system, some of the energy is bound to be lost. 

This is particularly problematic when it comes to solar and wind energy systems which depend on environmental factors to work optimally. Luckily, scientists across the world are working incessantly to find new ways of carrying power over long distances with minimal energy losses.

How much solar energy strikes the Earth each day?

In just one hour, the sun provides the Earth with more energy than the whole world can consume in a year. Yes, that’s right: approximately 430 quintillion Joules of solar energy reaches the Earth every hour, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.  

The sad thing is, humankind uses only 0.0001 percent of this energy, despite the continuous efforts to make solar panels more efficient and affordable. Still, the modern use of solar power is just the beginning and there’s no doubt that we’ll eventually come up with new ways to use the sun’s energy more effectively. The future of solar looks bright!  

Can solar energy be stored?

But why are we using so little of the energy the sun provides us with? 

Since solar systems depend on the sun, the main problem of using solar energy is the fact that we still don’t have efficient methods for storing the energy solar systems produce. Because of this, solar panels as sources of power aren’t as reliable and steady as they could potentially be. 

Most solar systems use rechargeable batteries charged by PV panels during the day which store the energy for future use. While the choice of available solar batteries keeps growing every day, most of the options still have room for improvement. 

Hopefully, we’ll soon come up with even better solutions for harnessing solar energy and overcoming the present issues surrounding the use and storage of renewable power sources. The recipe for success is the same as it has always been: some time, effort, investment and a lot of innovation! 

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While it’s evident that the potential of solar energy has only been hinted at, there’s no point in waiting when you can gain so much from going solar already. 

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