Solar Panels & the California Wildlife: Everything You Need to Know

Do solar panels harm animalsIt’s a well-known fact that residential solar panels are beneficial to the environment. By investing in a solar installation service in Rancho Santa Fe or other sunny Southern California cities, we reduce harmful emissions we release into the atmosphere and make the world a more hospitable planet for future generations.

But how are animals affected by solar panels, and vice versa? Can birds and other animals damage your solar panel installation? What can you do to prevent this? Answers to these questions are in the following article. Read on.

Do solar panels harm animals?

When installed properly, residential solar panels pose no threat to pets or the local wildlife. In fact, if your home is in an area that contains small animals such as squirrels, chipmunks, moles, mice, and other critters, these animals may try to burrow under your panels or nest on them.

This can actually be an issue because the critters can end up getting your panels dirty and even damaging the wiring. The good news is, you can easily prevent this by having your solar installers equip your array with a specialized “critter guard”. This will keep your panels safe and prevent animals from accidentally getting stuck in them.

Are birds a problem with solar panels?

Unfortunately, yes. Rooftop solar panels serve as an ideal nesting spot for pigeons and other pest birds. The panels protect the birds from the sun, help them hide from predators, and offer an easy in-and-out vantage point. 

These birds can be difficult to drive away, especially if they’ve already nested under your solar panels during the preceding season. To make matters worse, their presence can attract other animals, such as squirrels and rodents. Their nests and droppings can also harbor numerous diseases, including salmonella, encephalitis, and meningitis.

How do you bird-proof a solar panel?

If you’re experiencing issues with birds nesting in your solar array, or you’re looking to prevent this from happening in the future, there are simple and humane ways to deal with this problem.

Bird meshes

Installing a bird mesh is by far the most popular bird-proofing option for residential solar systems. These meshes are designed to clip onto the panels and seal off the area under your solar system. This keeps birds from nesting under them without obstructing air flow.

Plastic predators

A plastic hawk or owl that has a head that swivels in the breeze is an excellent pigeon deterrent and may even scare larger birds away. If you don’t mind spending a little more, you can install a few high-tech, automated birds that will scare pigeons and other pests for many years to come.

Roof spikes

Roof spikes are far from an attractive option, but they’re really effective when it comes to keeping birds away. By making it unpleasant to roost around or on your solar panels, these spikes discourage birds from sticking around long enough to build a nest or dirty up your panels.

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