How My Home Will Benefit from an Energy Audit

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The best solar panels in San Marcos, installed by a trusted solar panel installation contractor, are the essential component of an efficient solar system. Something else equally important are optimal solar power storage batteries, but their value depends a lot on your home’s energy efficiency. The decisive factor lies in estimating the current energy needs and efficiency of your home, or conducting an energy audit the moment you start considering solar panel installation. If you’re still wondering: Why do I need a home energy audit near me?, we have the answers right here.

What affects home efficiency?

Aside from detecting where and why energy is being wasted, an important aspect of the assessment is to inquire about the behavior of the household’s occupants. Determine how many people live in the house, how often the house is empty, whether all the rooms are being used, average thermostat settings in the summer and winter and so on.

What does a home energy audit near me include?

Energy audit professionals will arrive at your home carrying various tools and instruments for detection of energy loss and checking for damage. They will first examine the outside of your home, estimating its size, wall and window surface areas and other features which may affect energy efficiency and loss. The energy assessment will then focus on the inside of your home through a room-by-room examination.

What is the purpose of a home energy audit near me?

The main objective of the energy audit is to establish your home’s energy potential as well as detect any issues. The focus should be on solving these issues before proceeding with the installation of solar panels in order to estimate what is needed for your home efficiency to be raised to the highest possible level, so as to ensure optimal solar system efficiency.

How do I prepare for a home energy audit?

Prepare a summary of your home’s yearly energy bills, as well as a list of issues you have noticed such as condensation, draft, etc. Although the energy audit will be conducted by professionals who can do it even if in your absence, it’s best if you’re around to walk them through the house. By asking and answering questions, you can make sure that there are no gaps left during your energy audit.

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