Solar Incentives in 2021: Invest in the Future of Renewable Energy

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Homeowners in California can benefit significantly from the renewable energy of solar panels. With the switch to Time-of-Use billing and the frequent wildfires and rolling blackouts, it’s no wonder that the number of solar panels continues to rise across California. From Temecula and Murrieta to Encinitas and Downtown San Diego, homeowners are opting for solar energy systems and battery storage.

In 2021, California homeowners can also take advantage of an array of solar incentives. Keep reading to see how you can benefit from going solar this year and help make the future of renewable energy brighter.

Do I get solar panels in 2021?

With 2020 well behind us, getting a fresh start in 2021 seems like a great idea. And what better way to start anew than by reducing your carbon footprint and cutting down on your energy bills? Going solar in California is a smart choice at any time, but especially so in 2021, with great incentives available to both residential and commercial property owners:

1. Local rebates

Different areas in California may offer different rebate programs for those considering solar installation. In San Diego, for example, you can find a variety of local rebates, whether you’re looking for leasing options, green loans, or other financing options. You may also enter a power purchase agreement (PPA) with SDG&E if upfront costs are keeping you from investing in solar.

2. Net metering

Although there have been some recent debates about net metering in California, the incentive is still going strong. In fact, it remains one of the biggest reasons why homeowners choose to go solar in 2021. As a homeowner in California, you can get bill credits for any extra solar power your panels produce at retail rates from your utility. You can use this credit to offset the energy you draw from the grid during evening, nighttime hours, and cloudy days. Most utility agencies in California offer net metering programs, including the San Diego GAS & Electric (SDG&E).

What is the federal solar tax credit for 2021?

The federal solar investment tax credit, also known as ITC, is another great incentive available to homeowners. This is a tax credit that you can claim on your federal income taxes for a percentage of the total cost of your solar system. To be eligible for ITC, you need to buy your photovoltaic (PV) system with a cash purchase or a solar loan, as well as have enough income for the credit to be meaningful. There is no upper limit in terms of the amount that you can claim.

In 2021, you can claim the ITC and get a 26% deduction of the cost of your solar installation from your taxes. This applies for both residential and commercial systems. The ITC will remain at 26% throughout 2021 and 2022, but is planned to drop to 22% for systems installed in 2023. If you want to seize the ITC, it may be time to start planning your solar installation with reliable contractors in your area.

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