Spring Cleaning: Solar Panel Maintenance Tips

Does cleaning your solar panels make a difference

With the warmer months ahead, many homeowners are preparing for annual deep cleaning. Unfortunately, many of them tend to forget to include solar panels in spring cleaning. Dirt and grime can accumulate on your roof and solar panels during long winters, which may impair their efficiency and lead to other problems.

In this article, the leading solar installers in Temecula discuss why cleaning solar panels in the spring is a good idea and how you should go about it. Keep on reading to find out how to perform spring cleaning of your solar panels.

Does cleaning your solar panels make a difference?

While dust settling on your solar panels is inevitable, so is rain, thankfully. In most cases, rain will keep your solar panels free from dust and grime, ensuring good performance. However, this isn’t always true. Here are some situations where cleaning your solar panels or hiring professionals to do it would be greatly beneficial:

  • Your solar panels aren’t properly tilted
  • Your solar panels seem to be riddled with stubborn dirt and bird droppings
  • You live near a factory or a busy highway, so your panels have more dust coverage

What is the best time to clean solar panels?

Experts recommend cleaning your panels on an overcast day, either in the early morning or the evening. This is because sun beating down directly on the panels can cause the water to evaporate quickly, smearing the dirt. Spring is a great time to give your solar panels a nice wash, as there are plenty of overcast days and the sun isn’t yet as aggressive as it will be in the summer.

How to spring clean solar panels?

If you’ve decided to clean your solar panels before the summer, here are some tips to help you make them shine:

  • Read instructions: while it might seem obvious, many solar panel owners forget to read the manufacturer’s instructions. SomeWhat is the best time to clean solar panels manufacturers have specific cleaning recommendations, so make sure to check them before you start cleaning.
  • Get a cleaning kit: while you can clean your solar panels with conventional cleaning products and supplies such as paper towels or rags, these supplies are not designed for the unique challenges of cleaning solar panels. A solar panel cleaning kit is a great way to ensure efficient and detailed cleaning.
  • Don’t use abrasive or harsh cleaners: make sure not to use abrasive soaps and sponges when cleaning your panels to avoid scratching and damaging the surface. Instead, use a soft, clean rag and biodegradable sponges.
  • Hose off your panels first: before you use soap, make sure to give your panels a nice hosing to remove dust and dirt build-up. Once the dirt and debris have been loosened, you’ll find it easier to clean the panels using soap and rags.
  • Stay safe while on the roof: since you’ll have to climb your roof to properly clean your panels, don’t forget to take the necessary precautions. Watch your step and consider using a rope or harness to prevent slipping on the wet roof.
  • Leave it to the experts: why bother cleaning your solar panels on your own when you can have experienced technicians do it for you in no time? This will not only save you a lot of hassle, but it will also prevent any safety risks.

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