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    We live in the age of solar power. Solar energy has become the most affordable power source and is growing faster than any other energy source worldwide. It is the way of the future. Solar power is a solution to one of the burning issues today: high energy consumption. It is clean, green and renewable. Now that solar energy is available to everyone, it would be a shame not to use it in sunny Southern California. Solar panels can save home and business owners between 50% and 90% annually on energy bills.

    There are many reasons why business and solar go well together. If you are a business owner, and want to reduce energy bills and installation, maintenance and repair costs, be sure to make the switch! Go green to meet your corporate sustainability goals, and protect the environment. Seize the opportunity to have a budget surplus and increase the profitability of your company!

    Reach out to Action Air Conditioning, Heating & Solar, renowned solar installers! Since 1975, we have been the leading contractor in San Diego County, serving Chula Vista, San Marcos, Southern Riverside County, El Cajon, Vista, and more! If you live in San Diego or any of the surrounding areas, call (760) 891-5594 or contact us online for a free solar quote.

    How Solar Works MinverterHow Do Solar Panels Work?

    We provide high-performance solar panels and a range of solar power solutions tailored to match your specific needs and preferences!

    Solar panels are the perfect choice for powering your home or company. But have you ever wondered how they work? Solar panels or modules comprise a series of silicon units called photovoltaic (PV) cells that are linked together. PV cells convert sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity, which is then transformed to alternating current (AC) electricity. In this form, electric power is delivered to residences and businesses. Seek the solar installation services from Action to get a safe, affordable and reliable supply of electricity, ready to power your home or organization!

    Why Go Solar in CA starting NOW!

    There’s a myriad of reasons why you should go green and install solar panels to power your commercial facility or home. Here’s why you should embrace solar energy:


    By installing solar panels, you can achieve significant energy savings in your office or home and drastically decrease electric bills. Achieve greater energy independence and reduce your monthly utility bills by 50% to 90%!


    In the real estate world, green property updates can help you boost your home’s resale value. As a business owner and a proud owner of a solar energy system, you will leave a lasting impression on customers and improve your corporate image & reputation!


    Install solar panels for your home or organization and take control of your energy bills! You won’t depend on the utility company anymore and you will be able to protect your budget from any utility rate increases in the future.


    Power your house or business with 100% clean, efficient, renewable, and sustainable energy! Solar panels generate electricity that is reliable and predictable. You can easily calculate the efficiency and output of a solar panel and, therefore, plan your home or business budget as well!

    Save Money with Solar

    Action boasts a team of skilled and experienced solar specialists ready to work with you and develop a solar energy system that will slash your energy bills

    Homes and commercial buildings have utility meters that record the amount of energy used in the property. When your solar power system generates more electricity than it can consume, the excess power flows back to the utility grid and your meter goes backward!

    Clean Energy, Bright Savings: Action Has Got You Covered


    Custom energy solutions are our specialty! At Action, we don’t just design and build energy-efficient HVAC systems; we take care of your solar needs and handle your solar project, guiding you through the process every step of the way. We will provide you with our unique residential and commercial solar solutions.


    We will perform a free on-site inspection of your commercial facility, evaluate and discuss your energy use and demands, as well as assess your property’s energy potential. Our specialists will focus on the performance metrics for commercial buildings and provide you with a comprehensive energy analysis of your commercial property. Action will enable your business to go green and save money!


    Our solar experts at Action will conduct an on-site solar evaluation of your home and your solar needs. We will determine how to enhance the energy production of your house. We will discuss all of your options and projects to boost your home’s comfort, value and save you money!


    Seize your opportunity to explore all your financial options depending on your location! Call us at 760-840-2782 or contact us online to find out more about our $0 down financing programs!

    Making the San Diego Community comfortable since 1975! Celebrate the decades of experience and excellence with us by your side!

    When it comes to solar energy, solar experts at Action Air were the only ones who were able to present us with our options depending on our situation. We didn’t feel like being sold on something that may not be the best match to our energy preferences and needs. Being a reliable and trustworthy company from the beginning, Action Air has kept up with their outstanding work. We are more than happy with the results and will recommend Action Air for anyone who would like to achieve great savings and fulfill their solar needs.


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