Cleaning Solar Panels: the Proper Way to Do It

In order to effectively generate electricity, your solar system needs to be exposed to direct sunlight. While solar panels generally don’t require that much maintenance, they will still need a little bit of cleaning every once in a while if you wish to ensure optimal efficiency from your system.

To help you maintain your solar system properly, the leading pros for solar panel installation in Rancho Bernardo have prepared a brief guide on cleaning solar panels. Keep on reading to learn how to keep your solar panels free from dirt and debris!

Do I need to clean my solar panels?

Do I need to clean my solar panelsMost of the time, you won’t have to worry too much about your solar panels getting dirty. This is because occasional rainfall would typically wash away any dust and debris that may decrease the efficiency of your solar system. However, it is definitely a good idea to clean your solar panels every once in a while, especially if you live in a dry and dusty area.

While cleaning solar panels is not a complex procedure, you should keep in mind that you wouldn’t be able to use your solar system during maintenance. Because of this, you should consider having professional technicians take care of the cleaning efficiently and expertly, making sure that your system is up and running as soon as possible.

What is the best way to clean my solar panels?

Before cleaning your solar panels, make sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions for turning off your solar system to prevent any safety risks. Once your panels are disconnected, use these tips for effective cleaning:

  • Use a soft-bristle brush to shake any accumulated dust and dirt loose. For your safety, don’t try to climb the roof but use a brush with an extended handle.
  • Use a garden hose with a nozzle attachment to wash your solar panels. Better yet, you can purchase a nozzle with a soap attachment and spray the panels with soapy water first.
  • Don’t use abrasive products to avoid damaging the panels. Instead, use only soft squeegees and brushes.
  • Clean your solar panels during the evening or early morning when they aren’t as hot. If there’s too much sun, it may dry off the panels too fast, leaving behind smudges.
  • Never clean the panels with metal objects to avoid scratching and damaging your panels.
  • Try to avoid using tap water as it typically has a high mineral content. If you can’t use de-ionized or distilled water, you can purchase a water-softening attachment for your hose.

Can you use vinegar to clean solar panels?Can you use vinegar to clean solar panels

Yes! In fact, natural cleaning products such as vinegar are great for cleaning glass solar panels. Mix some non-abrasive detergent or soap (½ teaspoon) with some water (2 cups) and vinegar (¼ cup) to make a gentle but highly effective solution for your panels. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and use it to rid your solar panels from dust and dirt.

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Relying on solar panels to power your home or business is a great way to cut down on your energy bills and help protect the environment. However, if you wish to get the most out of your solar system, you should have reliable solar panel technicians at your service.

With help from dependable solar panel installers at Action Solar, you’ll be free to unwind at San Dieguito River Park knowing that your solar system is always in tip-top shape. Don’t hesitate to contact us for all your solar system questions and concerns!

What Happens to Solar Panels During a Power Outage?

Power outages happen all the time. If you rely on solar panels to power your home or business, you’re probably wondering what will happen with your solar system if the power goes out. Would your solar panels still work?

In this article, the leading experts for solar panel installation services in Rancho Bernardo share valuable information on using your solar panels during a power outage. Keep reading to learn whether your solar panels can be turned off and what you should do if you’re left without power.

Will solar panels work if the power goes out?

Will solar panels work if the power goes out

In case of a blackout, your solar system would have to be turned off in order to prevent any safety hazards. When there is a power outage, the utility technicians sent to resolve the issue should be able to do so safely. Another reason why your grid-tied solar panels won’t work during a power outage is that your solar inverter will shut off if the grid shuts off.

This means that you would be without power too unless you have battery storage for your solar panels. If you do have a battery system, you may be able to operate some appliances in your home depending on your wiring. As solar power storage options develop further, you will be able to rely on your solar-generated electricity without worrying about power outages.

How do I turn off my solar system?

Since your solar panels produce electricity as long as they are exposed to any amount of sunlight, performing maintenance can present a safety concern if you don’t know how to disconnect your solar panels safely. Being aware of the proper shutting down procedure is also essential during a blackout, as utility technicians need to be able to fix the outage safely, without the risk of solar power going back to the grid.

Before you attempt to turn off your solar system, you should know that your system has two sides:

  • Direct current (DC) produced by your solar panels (input).
  • Alternating current (AC) that is connected to your home and the grid (output).

In order to disconnect your solar panels safely, you will have to shut off both the DC and AC sides of your solar system. Here’s how:

How do I turn off my solar system

  • Find the AC inverter main supply on the meter box and switch it off.
  • Switch the AC breaker off. At this point, your solar system will no longer deliver power to the grid.
  • Now locate the combiner box and the DC switch or breaker and shut it off. This will turn the entire system off.

If you wish to turn the system back on, repeat the procedure but in reverse. In case you can’t turn your solar panels back on, contact your solar panel technicians.

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We know you’d rather visit the San Diego Zoo Safari Park with your family instead of worrying about your solar panels. Our experienced technicians would be more than happy to answer all your solar panel-related questions and give you tips on cleaning your solar system properly. Reach out to us today!

All About Solar-Powered Home Appliances

Thanks to the ever-growing popularity of solar panels in California, more and more home and business owners are considering replacing their energy usage with solar energy. If you plan to go solar, you may be wondering if you’d be able to go completely off the grid and what appliances you’d be able to run on solar energy.

If you wish to get the most out of your solar system, you also need to know whether solar panels can be used all year round and what solar power storage solutions are best for your situation. Luckily, you can rely on the best solar panel installers in Del Mar, CA to help you navigate the current solar situation in California in the best way possible.

Keep reading to learn which appliances can be solar powered!

What appliances can be used with solar power?What appliances can be used with solar power

Solar panels are a great way to reduce energy bills and help save the planet in the process. However, running a household solely on solar power is not possible for most people as not all appliances are suitable for PV energy conversion. For instance, appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, and heating systems are typically not the best candidates for solar power due to their high energy consumption.

On the other hand, a great number of smaller devices can be easily replaced by solar. Here are some appliances that can be solar-powered:

  • Microwaves
  • TVs and laptops
  • Fluorescent light bulbs
  • Electric cooktops
  • Toasters, etc.

Additionally, there is a great number of special solar-powered appliances you can find on the market. These devices include solar-powered ovens, refrigerators, freezers, lighting, and water heaters, to name a few.

Can you run an air conditioner on solar power?

Air conditioners use up a lot of electricity which makes them difficult to run on solar power. A typical air conditioner is likely to use as much as 1.3 kW of power while the average solar system can produce anywhere from 2 to 4 kW. This means that running your air conditioner on solar power would use up quite a lot of your solar-generated electricity. Unfortunately, this makes air conditioners a bad candidate to be replaced by solar power.

However, if your solar system is large enough and your AC is highly efficient, you may be able to cool down your home using solar power without breaking the bank. You can calculate how much your AC use would cost by multiplying its power consumption in watts with the number of hours you plan to use your AC in one day, and then dividing this number by 1,000 in order to get your kWh usage. Multiply this number with your electricity rate and you’ll get an estimate of your AC usage cost.

Your favorite solar panel installers in Del Mar, CACan you run an air conditioner on solar power

Solar panels are an excellent option for anyone looking for a way to offset their electricity bills and help protect the planet. However, in order to get the most out of your solar system, you should discuss your energy needs with experienced solar installers before deciding on the size of your new solar system.

With Action Solar at your service, you can relax at Seagrove Park knowing that you’ll no longer have to worry about high electricity bills. Our seasoned technicians will help you decide on the best solar system for your needs and install it with unrivaled skill and precision. Reach out to us today!

Storing Solar Energy: What You Should Know

Powering your home or business using solar energy is a fantastic way to save substantial amounts of money and help protect the environment in the process. However, as solar power is generated mostly during peak sunlight hours, you may be wondering what happens with all the energy that isn’t immediately used.

For a long time, storing solar energy has been one of the main hurdles that held solar technologies back. Fortunately, storage solutions for solar power are becoming more and more advanced every year.

If you’re worried about the efficiency of your solar panels in winter or wish to know if you can run your AC on solar power, feel free to contact your chosen solar panel installers in Del Mar. They will tell you all about using and storing solar energy. Read on!

How is solar energy stored?Do I need batteries for solar panels

The fact that the sun doesn’t shine with the same intensity throughout the day has always been the biggest drawback of solar energy. To combat the issue and enable homeowners to rely on solar-generated electricity all year long, experts are continuously working on developing effective methods for storing solar energy.

Energy generated by modern photovoltaic systems can be stored in two main ways:

Solar batteries store electricity generated during the day for later use. If your PV system generates excess energy during peak sun hours, it goes towards charging the solar battery. This energy can be later used during the night or cloudy weather. Another advantage of solar batteries is that they provide backup power in case you experience a power outage.

Most modern solar systems are tied to the electricity grid, meaning that the excess energy is fed back into the system. Typically, solar system owners receive a credit on their energy bill for the electricity they send back into the grid. When you use more energy than your PV system has produced, you draw power from the grid without having to pay more to your utility.

Do I need batteries for solar panels?

Whether you need solar batteries will depend mostly on whether your solar system is grid-tied or not. Grid-tied systems don’t require batteries as any excess power is stored into the grid through net metering. However, if your system is off-grid, batteries would definitely be a good idea as you would waste quite a bit of energy without them as you wouldn’t be able to store any energy for later use.

However, since the recent introduction of the time-of-use rate plan and the potential end of net metering, many homeowners are considering solar batteries as this would enable them to store the power generated in off-peak times and use it during peak hours when the rates are higher.

Are solar batteries worth it?How is solar energy stored

Unfortunately, solar batteries are far from cheap. Because of this, many home and business owners are hesitant about investing in solar power storage. So, are solar batteries worth it in 2020?

The answer to this question is a complex one. This is because most modern solar batteries are designed to provide only a small amount of backup power, meaning that you would need more than just one battery if you wish to go completely off-grid. If you aren’t sure if getting solar batteries is a good idea for your situation, it’s probably best to consult knowledgeable solar professionals in your area.

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California Paves the Way for a Solar Future

The start of the new decade brings a great leap for solar energy in the Golden State. By implementing revolutionary building codes that will require each new home to be built with solar panels, California has made a huge step towards a cleaner, fossil-fuel-free future.

With high-quality solar panel installation in Del Mar, you too can be a part of the subtle revolution that has begun in California. Starting in 2020, all new-built homes in the country’s most populous state will have solar panels included, allowing its new residents to generate their own electricity and help reduce the state’s carbon footprint.

Read on to learn how California is working towards a greener and cleaner future!

The first zero-net homes are here

Being the state with the highest insolation levels in the country and, in turn, the best solar panel efficiency all year round, California is a great place to start on your solar journey. And now, the solar situation has become even more favorable.

With the new building codes approved by the California Energy Commission, the percentage of new homes with solar panels is expected to rise from only 20% to a full 100% in 2020. The rule will apply to all new homes that are under 4 stories tall. This means that solar panels will slowly become a standard addition to any California household, with solar panel prices expected to drop even further.

Solar panels have never been more accessible

Homebuilding companies across the state have already begun moving toward a 100% solar future, planning to offer homeowners to add solar panels to their homes as easily as they would purchase any other home appliance.

What’s more, you won’t have to pay for your solar panels upfront – instead, building companies will enable buyers to get their panels on a 25-year lease. Considering that the solar panel costs will be offset by significant long-term savings, purchasing a home with a solar system installed will be an excellent way to cut down on your electricity bills in the long run.

The future of solar has started in California

In December of 2019, California broke records by reaching one million businesses and homes with solar panels installed. The best thing is, this number will only keep increasing, with CEC expecting 74,000 new solar system installations in 2020.

The bold move that the Golden State has made towards a solar future has naturally inspired the rest of the country. A number of other states have already started to follow the lead. Massachusetts, in particular, plans to follow California by requiring solar panels on most new constructions with a goal to reduce carbon emissions by 80% by 2050.

Of course, the new building codes in California are only the beginning. Hopefully, the progress toward an environmentally friendly future won’t slow down and the rest of the nation, as well as the world, will soon follow suit.

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Enjoying the sun at Seagrove Park is one thing, but harnessing its energy to power your home and protect the planet is a completely different story. Both are equally enjoyable, but the latter undoubtedly brings more benefits in the long run.

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When Can I Use My Solar Panels in California?

Going solar is a great way to cut down on your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint. However, many home and business owners are still hesitant about investing in solar panels because they aren’t sure how solar systems work, whether you can use solar panels all year round, how solar energy is stored and what appliances can be solar-powered.

One thing is certain – solar panels come with an array of benefits. Still, if you want to ensure you make the best of your solar experience, relying on top-quality solar panel installation services in Del Mar is definitely a must. With proper installation, your solar system will be sure to work without a hitch for years to come.

Read on to learn when your solar panels will be the most efficient in California!

Do solar panels work all year round?

If you’re thinking about having solar panels installed, you’re probably wondering if you’ll be able to rely on sun-generated power throughout the year. While it’s true that solar panels need direct sunlight to work, that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to use your panels at all if the weather isn’t perfect. Here’s what will influence how much power your solar panels generate during the year.

Where you live

Your location is possibly the most significant factor when it comes to the efficiency of your solar panels. This is because different areas in the U.S. receive different amounts of sunlight, that is, they have varying solar insolation levels.

For instance, northern states, Alaska in particular, receive the least amount of sunlight, while the southwestern states, such as California, have the highest insolation levels. The higher the solar insolation levels, the greater the amount of energy your solar panels will produce.

The tilt of the solar panels

The direction and placement of your solar panels will also determine the amount of power you receive. In general, south-facing roofs will receive the most sunlight throughout the year. If possible, your solar panels should also be tilted in a way that ensures a 90-degree angle of sun exposure. However, your solar panels should be unobstructed and free from debris for optimal results, regardless of your location.

The type of your solar system

Your seasonal power production will also be affected by the type of solar system you choose. For instance, tiltable panels will typically produce more energy thanks to their ability to follow the sun, while immobile PV panels won’t be as effective unless they are installed to face south. Furthermore, flat-panel solar systems tend to be the most efficient in southwestern areas, and ground-mounted systems are also a great option since they can be tilted at will.

Do solar panels work in the winter?

Not sure if your solar panels will work during the colder months of the year? You’d probably be surprised and happy to hear that solar panels are actually more efficient at cooler temperatures. In fact, solar panels testing shows that a typical solar system will produce its maximum output at 41°F.

What’s more, snow can even improve the efficiency of your solar system due to its anti-soiling properties and the albedo effect – when sunlight hits the reflective snow, a significantly greater amount of light will be reflected back. This means that your solar panels may absorb twice as much sunlight if they are surrounded by snow, increasing your energy output.

However, you won’t have to think about snow falling on your solar panels if you live in Del Mar. Considering that California is the best U.S. state to have solar panels installed, your solar experience will most likely be smooth sailing if you choose a reputable solar company for your installation.

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Solar Panel Maintenance: Tips & Tricks

Solar panels are a substantial investment for most people. That is why it’s only natural that you’d want your solar system to last once you decide to invest. Luckily, we’ve prepared a set of useful tips for maintaining your solar panels that will ensure you get the most out of your solar experience.

As the leading solar installers in Del Mar, the experts at Action Solar will be more than glad to provide you with all the solar-related information you may need. Whether you want to find out why solar panels are a great investment, how long it will take for your solar system to pay off or want to know if you can install solar panels on your condo, we’re the ones to turn to for all the answers.

Read on to find out how to care for your solar system!

Do solar panels need servicing?Do solar panels need servicing

In general, solar panels are highly efficient, have long lifespans and require very little maintenance. A high-quality solar system will last for more than 25 years in most cases without too much effort on your part. However, you should clean your solar panels at least once or twice a year since they can accumulate dust and dirt over time. While you can clean your panels yourself, having seasoned solar technicians inspect and clean your panels at least once a year is by far the easiest way to ensure your solar panels stay in peak condition for years to come.

Can you pressure wash solar panels?

Unfavorable weather conditions and trees and debris surrounding your panels can sometimes damage your panels if you’re not careful. This is why keeping your solar system free from snow and debris is essential for maintaining good performance.

Here’s how you can remove dust build-up and debris:

  • Use a leaf blower
  • Rinse the panels with a hose
  • Rely on rain to wash the dirt off (if your panels are installed at an angle)

Here’s how you can remove snow:

  • Loosen up the snow by throwing a soft ball on them
  • Remove the snow with a squeegee installed at the end of a long pole
  • Try blowing off the snow with a leaf blower
  • Unless your solar panels are flat, a thin layer of snow will most likely slide off on its own and clean the panels.

If you follow these tips, your panels will remain clean and functional all year long. However, there are some methods you should never use when cleaning your solar panels. Here are some examples:

  • Never spray them with hot water while they are cold or wash them with cold water while they are very hot since you may crack them by doing so. You can check the surface temperature with a temperature gun and proceed to wash the panels if the temperature is fine.
  • Never use RainX, rock salt, or car wax on your panels since these can damage the panels and even your roof.Can you pressure wash solar panels

Depend on the best solar installers Del Mar has to offer

If you rely on experienced solar professionals for your solar panel installation, you can expect them to work perfectly for a very long time. However, while your solar system won’t require too much effort to stay in tip-top shape, you should still do everything you can to keep them functional and clean.

But why do it yourself? With the finest solar professionals at your service, you’ll have the time to take a break to explore Torrey Pines while they clean your solar panels to perfection. Reach out to Action Solar today and give your solar system the attention they deserve!

Solar Panels in California: What You Should Know

California is possibly the best place for solar panel installation due to its location and a variety of incentives that have been in place for a long time now. However, there is a number of things you should know if you’re planning to have solar panels installed on your California home.

The solar situation in California is constantly morphing and, for the most part, improving for both home and condo owners. Solar panels bring a full range of benefits if you rely on reputable solar installers in Del Mar, CA. For starters, going solar can increase the value of your home in California and you can even eliminate your electric bill by installing solar panels.

Read on to discover useful information about going solar in California!

Is it mandatory to have solar panels in California?Can you put solar panels on a condo in California

As of January 2020, solar panels will be mandatory for all new homes that are up to three stories high. The California Building Standards Commission (CBSC) has given the final YES to this rule and has made California the first state to make solar panels mandatory in the entire nation. Naturally, the rule will have certain exemptions and the implementation will be optimized to benefit homeowners as much as possible. For instance, houses that are predominantly in the shade will be exempted from the rule.

The solar power mandate is an important step towards the state’s 2045 goal to eliminate the use of fossil fuels completely. Solar panels also help combat ozone-damaging emissions from electricity that’s generated from natural gas.

In addition to the environmental benefits, the solar panel rule will be beneficial for homeowners, too, bringing substantial savings in the long run despite increasing the initial housing costs. This is because houses built with solar panels are predicted to use approximately 53% less electricity than before, enabling homeowners to save as much as $19,000 over the course of 30 years.

Can you put solar panels on a condo in California?

For a long time, condo owners struggled to get approval from their homeowner association if they wanted to have solar panels installed. If you are living in a condo or loft and wondering what your options are for going solar, you’re in luck! Thanks to a new California law, you won’t have to seek approval from the HOAs if you want to join the solar revolution.

Can an HOA deny solar panels in California?

Under Civil Code section 714.1, condo owners have the right to install solar panels on their own property for household purposes without HOA intervention. In a nutshell, if you want to have solar panels installed on your own garage or rooftop, HOAs will no longer have the right to prohibit the installation.

The only instance when you may have to go through a site survey is if you intend to install the panels on a common area. In this case, HOAs may prohibit the installation if the survey concludes that it would be unfeasible or impractical.Can an HOA deny solar panels in California

We’re your go-to solar installers in Del Mar, CA

With all these favorable solar power regulations in place, there’s no reason why you should wait to have solar panels installed on your California home. What’s more, with the solar investment tax credit expected to drop in 2020, there’s no better time to go solar than now.

Luckily, you won’t have to search for the best solar installers in your area for too long. The seasoned experts at Action Solar will install and service your solar panels with unequaled precision and skill, allowing you to relax at Seagrove Park without worrying about your electricity bills. Give us a call today!

Will Solar Panels Boost the Value of My Home?

Getting solar panels for your home is no small investment. If you’re on the fence about going solar, you probably want to know whether your solar panels can increase the value of your home.

If you aren’t sure if you’ll live in your home long enough to see the costs of your solar installation in Del Mar pay off, you’ll be happy to hear that solar panels can, in fact, boost your home’s value. The exact increase and your solar panel savings will depend on where you live, as well as on a couple of other factors. Read on to learn more!

Do solar panels increase home value in California?

California has gone all out when it comes to solar power in recent years. This is best illustrated in the fact that solar panels will be mandatory for all new homes in California starting from 2020. Additionally, adding solar panels to your Cali home may give your home’s value a significant boost.

A recent study has shown that homebuyers are willing to pay a premium of approximately $17, 000 for a property with solar panels. The exact value added to your home will depend on a number of factors, such as:

  • How many solar panels you get. The value of a property increases with the number of solar panels that are installed.
  • How much your home is worth. The bigger your home is, the greater the boost in value will be.
  • Where your home is located. Homes in locations that are more active when it comes to solar power receive higher value increases, and California is a leader in this regard.

How long does it take for solar panels to pay for themselves?

You can determine your solar system payback period by calculating your annual financial benefits and the combined costs of your solar system. Here’s what you’ll have to know:

  • The gross costs of your solar panels that will depend on the size of your system and your chosen solar equipment.
  • How much you gain from incentives such as the federal investment tax credit and additional state rebates.
  • Your monthly electricity consumption. The more you spend on electricity, the shorter your payback period will be.
  • How much energy your solar system can produce in your individual circumstances (weather, roof size, roof location etc.)

Once you have all of the data, you can determine your payback period by determining the combined costs. You can do so by subtracting the value gained from upfront rebates from the initial costs of the panels. Next, you should calculate your annual benefits by looking into the electricity costs you avoided and any additional incentives you may have had. Finally, divide the combined costs by the annual benefits to see how many years it will take your solar panels to pay for themselves.

Experience the finest solar installation in Del Mar

There’s no better place to go solar than in California when you consider all the available financial incentives and benefits. And when you take into account that the ITC might not be 30% for much longer, there’s no better time to go solar than 2019.

Why wait? Reach out to Action Solar today and start planning for your solar system. We’ll make sure you gain as much as possible from your solar experience by providing you with top-notch installation, maintenance, and servicing of your solar panels, allowing you to unwind at San Dieguito River Park without worrying about the rising electricity costs.

How Much Can I Save with Solar Panels?

For many homeowners, solar panel systems are attractive because of the gained energy independence and long-term savings they are said to bring. But how much can you save with a solar system exactly?

The benefits of solar panels are numerous. Not only do solar panels increase the value of your California home, but they can also significantly reduce your energy bill. With high-quality solar installation Del Mar depends on, you can experience all of the perks that using solar energy entails.

Read on to find out how you can save from installing solar panels for your home!

Do you really save money with solar panels?

Sure, you’ve heard that using solar energy can bring great savings, but is it really true? To put it simply, yes, solar panels can really help you save money in the long run. Here’s how:

  • They protect you from rising electricity costs. By gaining energy independence, you won’t have to be too bothered with electricity cost increases.
  • You will use less electricity from the grid. Since you’ll be generating your own power, you won’t rely on the grid as much as before.
  • You’ll be able to feed excess power to the grid. When you use solar panels, you can feed in any excess power back to the grid and offset your energy bill. The rebate you will get will depend on the feed-in tariff your retailer offers.
  • You can store your power. Solar storage options keep getting better, meaning that you can effectively store power generated while you’re away relaxing at Torrey Pines and use it during peak hours when electricity rates tend to be higher.

Why are solar panels a good investment?

If you’re on the fence about going solar, you probably want to know whether solar panels would be a good investment in the long term. Here are some ways that you can benefit from using solar panels:

  1. They increase the value of your home. According to Berkeley Lab, a home with a solar system installed can be worth $17,000 more than a regular home, meaning that you’ll get a nice amount of money back if you decide to sell.
  2. They reduce your energy bills. If your solar system produces enough energy for your needs, you won’t have to rely on the grid, meaning that your power bill will be significantly lower.
  3. They come with great incentives. If you decide to go solar, you’ll be eligible for a number of government incentives, including the solar investment tax credit you can take advantage of until 2020 and cut 30% from your installation costs.
  4. They help save the planet. In addition to all the financial benefits, solar panels are also great because they use clean energy and help reduce your carbon footprint, enabling you to help protect the environment.

Can solar panels eliminate electric bill?

Going solar can greatly reduce your electricity bill and even eliminate it in some cases. How much you can save with solar panels will depend on a couple of factors, including your energy consumption, the output of your system, as well as the electricity rates in your area.

The higher the electricity costs in your state, the higher your savings will be. When you consider that electricity rates only keep increasing, you can expect your savings to grow in the future. In addition, relying on solar panels can help you make your electricity costs more predictable, allowing you to manage your budget more easily.

Hire the #1 solar installation Del Mar has to offer and save big

All things considered, getting solar panels for your home is definitely worth the investment. However, if you want to reap all the benefits of going solar, you will have to look for a reputable solar company that will make sure you get the best out of your solar experience.

You’ll find no better solar installation experts than the pros at Action Solar! Let us install your solar system with precision and skill, ensuring it brings you maximum benefits in the years to come. What’s more, we can also tell you all you need to know about solar power, whether you want to know if going solar is mandatory in California and whether you should service your solar panels. Give us a call today!