Why Lithium-Ion Batteries Are the Best Choice for Solar

Solar-powered homes have become a common sight in California. Now, with planned rolling blackouts and ever-increasing utility rates, more and more homeowners are deciding to further improve their solar panels by adding battery storage.

Among the different solar battery options available to San Diego homeowners, lithium-ion batteries have proven to be the most well-rounded choice. Thanks to their long lifespans, simple installation, and minimal maintenance requirements, these batteries have easily earned the top spot in the battery storage market.

In this article, the leading solar repair experts in San Diego will illustrate why lithium-ion batteries are a great addition to your solar system. Keep on reading.

Are lithium ion batteries better than lead acid?

Lead acid and lithium-ion batteries are the two most common options for solar system Are Lithium-Ion Batteries Better than Lead Acidowners. While both of these battery types may be a good choice for homeowners, lithium-ion batteries have several important advantages over lead acid. In fact, the only perk of lead acid batteries is their cost, as they are typically less expensive than other battery storage options. But for the vast majority of homeowners, lithium-ion batteries would be a superior choice owing to their high efficiency, longevity, and reliability.

Are lithium batteries good for solar?

Modern lithium-ion battery technologies bring a vast number of benefits for solar panel users. Here’s why this battery type is the best choice for your solar system:

  • Better DoD: DoD, i.e. Depth of Discharge refers to the stored energy that your system can use without having to charge the battery, compared to the overall battery capacity. Lithium-ion batteries have DoDs of approximately 95%, whereas lead acid options only have 50%.
  • Long lifespan: Thanks to their high DoDs, lithium-ion batteries don’t have to be charged as often. This greatly improves their longevity. In fact, most lithium-ion batteries come with 10-year warranties or cycle lives of around 10,000 cycles.
  • High efficiency: lithium-ion batteries have efficiency ratings that fall in the 90-95% range. This means that you can get much more usable energy from this battery type than most other popular options.
  • High energy density: this refers to the amount of power the battery can store relative to its size. Lithium batteries can hold more power than lead acid, while being smaller in size, which makes them a great option for smaller spaces.
  • Maintenance-free: a lithium ion battery requires almost zero maintenance to remain in good shape throughout its lifetime. What’s more, you won’t have to worry about expensive repairs and draining issues if you choose this type of battery.

Which solar batteries last longest?

Owing to their high DoD, lithium batteries have longer lifespans when compared to other options such as lead acid. They are designed to provide reliable performance over their 10-year lifespan. The only other competitor worth mentioning in terms of lifespan is the saltwater battery, the newest addition to the home energy storage industry. However, this newcomer is relatively untested and hard to get, meaning that the lithium-ion battery is still the optimal choice for most solar panel users.

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Useful Tips for Maximizing the Lifespan of Your Solar System Battery

Adding battery storage to your solar panels is a fantastic way to optimize your solar energy usage and avoid high utility rates. Still, solar panel systems are no small investment, and in order to protect it, you should learn how to properly maintain your solar batteries and extend their lifespan.

Luckily, you can rely on experienced solar system repair professionals from San Diego to give you all the solar information you may need. We can help you whether you want to learn about the different types of solar battery systems, find out if solar batteries can go bad, or want to know if lithium-ion batteries are the best for solar.

In this article, we share tips on how you can ensure the longevity of your battery storage. Read on!

How can I extend my solar battery life?

How to Maximize the Lifespan of Your Solar Battery

Most of the newer lithium-ion solar batteries require very little maintenance. They are designed to provide powerful performance throughout their lifespan, with minimal cleaning requirements. In fact, many modern batteries have built-in sensors which keep track of the cell voltage and temperature to maximize the battery lifespan and minimize degradation.

However, there is one concern with lithium-ion batteries that you should keep in mind if you want to ensure proper functioning. This has to do with the climate that the battery bank is installed in. Prolonged temperatures over 100 degrees can reduce the battery’s performance and even lead to battery shutdown. The best way to prevent this if you live in an area with hot temperatures is to place your battery in a well-ventilated or insulated area such as your garage.

Here are some additional considerations you should keep in mind when handling your battery:

  • Read the battery manual carefully and follow the instructions
  • If you notice any defects on your battery, refrain from using it and contact professionals
  • Never try to open or tamper with the battery on your own
  • Don’t subject the battery to strong force (pulling, dragging, impact, etc.)
  • Never insert any foreign objects into the battery
  • Never use cleaning solvents when cleaning the battery exterior

Can solar batteries be repaired?

Good quality solar batteries typically have warranties of approximately 10 years or more and employ advanced technologies that keep them running perfectly throughout their lifespan. Because of this, your battery storage is unlikely to break down or require servicing. But if you do experience issues with your solar battery, we recommend contacting the battery manufacturer or provider for assistance.

We strongly advise you against trying to perform any repairs on your solar battery on your own. Disassembling the battery components can be extremely dangerous, not only to your health and safety, but for the battery itself. If you wish to avoid damaging the battery even further and having to deal with expensive repairs, please refrain from tackling any issues yourself.

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You can rely on our expert team to help whether you are located near Balboa Park or anywhere else in the San Diego area. Action Solar is your trusted partner if you are ready to go solar and join thousands of other Californians in the solar revolution. Reach out to us today and let us meet your solar needs.

Types of Solar Battery Storage: Which One Is the Best?

So, you’ve decided to enhance your solar panels and avoid utility rate increases by purchasing an efficient battery storage system. But where do you start? What type of battery systems are there and which would be the best choice? Will a lithium-ion battery help you during the planned rolling blackouts in California? 

Luckily, your go-to experts for solar panel repair in San Diego are here to answer all of your questions and help you make the right decision based on your needs. Keep on reading to learn all about the different types of solar batteries and find out which one would be the best choice for your needs.  

What are the types of solar batteries? 

There are three main types of solar batteries, each featuring different chemical compositions: lithium ion, saltwater, and lead acid. Here’s what characterizes each of these three battery types: 

What are the types of solar batteriesLead acid 

Although this type of battery is relatively inexpensive and has been used for decades in off-grid solar systems, it has several drawbacks compared to lithium batteries. For starters, these solar batteries have a shorter lifespan than other options

Additionally, their depth of discharge, or DoD for short, is significantly lower than that of lithium-ion batteries. This means that lead acid batteries are able to discharge less power relative to their full capacity in kilowatt-hours. 


Lithium-ion batteries are the standard choice for home solar storage systems. This is because lithium batteries are more compact and lightweight than the other available options. Not only that but they also have higher DoD and longer lifespans than a standard lead acid battery. 

Due to high demand, lithium-ion home batteries have become less expensive than they once were, which makes them much more affordable and attainable to homeowners. 


Saltwater batteries are the newest energy storage technology available on the market. These batteries are more eco-friendly than their alternatives since they don’t contain any heavy metals and are easily recycled. They rely exclusively on saltwater electrolytes to store the power produced by your panels. Unfortunately, these batteries are still somewhat untested, being a relatively new technology.  

What is the best type of solar battery?

What is the best type of solar batteryAlthough lead acid and saltwater batteries may be a good choice for some homeowners, lithium-ion home batteries are by far the best choice for a home solar system. The main reason for this is that lithium-ion battery charge will last longer compared to the two alternatives. Another benefit is that these batteries are more compact and tend to have longer lifespans and higher depth of discharge. 

Even though most experts would suggest lithium-ion batteries, that doesn’t mean that you should make the decision based on what you read online alone. Instead, contact your favorite solar technicians and discuss your needs and options with them. They will carefully evaluate your energy consumption and budget to help you make the best decision based on your specific circumstances. 

Action Solar: your go-to solar panel repair professionals in San Diego 

To say that installing a home solar battery is a wise investment would be an understatement. Solar panels are an amazing way to cut down on energy bills and be eco-conscious on their own, but imagine also being able to use your solar-generated energy whenever you need it? What’s more, you’d also be able to sell some of your excess energy to the grid for on-peak rates, earning solar credit with your utility company! 

Do we need to say more? If you’ve decided that a home battery would be the perfect choice for you, look no further than Action Solar. We are your trusted partner for all your solar energy needs, offering reliable and professional services across the area. Whether you’re located in Downtown San Diego or Southern Riverside County, give us a call. We’d be happy to help you make the most of your solar system. 

How Long Do Solar Batteries Last?

Solar batteries are one of the most useful scientific advancements in recent history. They enable you to store any excess energy your solar system generates during the day, allowing you to avoid high energy rates during peak hours and stay unaffected by the frequent power outages in Southern California. 

More and more homeowners across the area are considering adding a battery system to their solar panels. Since this is no small investment, many of them wonder how long a solar battery will last before having to be replaced. 

In order to put your mind at ease and help you make the right decision for your home, the best solar repair professionals in San Diego are here to tell you all you need to know about solar batteries. Keep on reading. 

How long can a solar battery hold a charge?

Modern batteries are designed to enable you to rely on the energy produced by your solar system even when the sun is down and your panels are unable to generate any more electricity. But how long will the charge of your battery last exactly? 

Well, the exact charge hours of your battery will depend on several factors, including the size, model, capacity, and type of your chosen battery. Additionally, the total capacity of the battery will also influence how long the charge will last. In general, a battery charge can last anywhere from 1 to 5 days depending on its type. 

Do solar batteries go bad?

How long can a solar battery hold a chargeA typical solar battery has a lifespan of between 5 and 20 years, although many manufacturers promise a 30-year lifespan for their battery units, matching the lifespan of most modern solar systems. Regardless of the battery you choose, there are several different factors that may affect the battery life. These include: 

Charging times 

In order to maximize the potential of your solar battery, you should charge it according to the specifications pertinent to its type, size, and model. Make sure to carefully read the instructions before using the battery to figure out the correct charging times. 


Proper maintenance is crucial for ensuring the longevity of your battery. If you wish to avoid expensive repairs, you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions and consider hiring a professional maintenance service for your solar system. 

Temperature Do solar batteries go bad

Your location can also influence the efficiency and lifespan of your solar battery. For instance, if you live in an area with moderate or mild temperatures, you could have your battery installed outdoors and achieve great results. On the other hand, if you live in a region with extreme temperatures, your battery will perform best when installed in the basement or garage. 

Usage cycles 

The usage cycles of your chosen battery also play a significant role in ensuring good life expectancy. Fortunately, most modern solar batteries are deep-cycle batteries, meaning that they can discharge as much as 80% of the stored energy before having to be recharged. 

Count on the leading experts for solar repair in San Diego 

If you’ve decided to improve upon your solar system by adding cutting edge battery storage, don’t hesitate to reach out to Action Solar of San Diego. Our seasoned technicians can help you decide on the best battery type for your home as well as maintain your solar system, maximizing its lifespan and efficiency. 

The Action Solar team will use tried-and-tested equipment to install your new solar panels and storage system, enabling you to avoid high utility rates and reduce your carbon footprint. We are at your beck and call across Southern California and San Diego County, so don’t hesitate to contact us no matter where you are located in the area. Reach out to us today! 

Avoid Southern California Utility Rate Increases with Solar and Batteries

In 2020, homeowners across Southern California are experiencing significant rate changes introduced by utility companies. These changes, particularly the Time-of-Use billing plan, have made it harder for solar panel owners to avoid high energy rates during peak hours if they don’t own a battery storage system.

For this reason, an increasing number of homeowners are switching to home solar batteries to cut down on energy bills. This is a great way to avoid worrying about the unpredictable utility rates, as solar batteries allow you to control your energy usage and enable you to run your home on solar power only, even during power outages.

Keep on reading to learn how hiring reliable solar panel installers to install your battery system in Vista can help you stay unaffected by the ever-increasing utility rates.

Are solar batteries cost-effective?Qualified Solar Panel Installers in Vista

While the overall costs of a solar system combined with battery storage are far from a small investment, the benefits you gain by storing your power undoubtedly outweigh the drawback of the initial costs. A home solar battery will enable you to produce and store your own renewable energy and use it anytime you need it. Most importantly, you will be able to avoid paying the highest utility rates during peak demand hours, which will significantly reduce your monthly bill.

TOU billing plan

The appeal of solar battery storage has become even more apparent with the introduction of SDG&E and  SCE Time-Of-Use rates for solar power consumers. The purpose of TOU billing is to encourage customers to use energy during off-peak hours when the rates are lowest. While this may sound good on paper, TOU rates can be quite unfavorable for solar power users without battery storage, as they are highest in the afternoon and evening when solar panels are not as effective.

How a home solar battery can cut your electric bill

If you don’t want to worry about higher electricity rates in 2020, investing in a home solar battery may be the best option for you. This is because a home battery will enable you to take full control of your energy consumption.

A typical solar system can produce more energy than the average Southern California household needs on sunny days. Before TOU, homeowners were able to sell any excess generated energy back to the utility company at standard rates, whereas now the rates are the lowest during the time of day when solar panels are the most efficient.

Luckily, you can avoid paying more for electricity by adding a home battery to your solar system. This will enable you to store the energy your solar panels generate during the sun peak hours and use it in the evenings and at night when the TOU rates are the highest.

Take advantage of financial incentives

To top it all off, homeowners can also cut down on the costs of their home solar battery systems by taking advantage of various incentive programs. For instance, the ITC can reduce the total costs of your residential solar battery system by 26% in the form of tax benefits. Just keep in mind that the ITC will drop down to zero in 2022, so going solar sooner rather than later might be the best idea.

Certified Solar Panel Installers in VistaReduce your energy bills with the help of the best solar panel installers in Vista

The benefits of getting a solar system with battery storage can’t be overstated. Not only will you get an efficient solar system that will last for more than 20 years, but you will also be able to generate your own green energy without relying on utility companies.

If you feel like it’s time to gain energy independence, don’t hesitate to reach out to Action Solar. Our trained and highly experienced technicians can install your solar panels and battery system with efficiency and ease whether you live near the Alta Vista Gardens or anywhere else in the area. If you want to enjoy renewable energy all year long without worrying about high energy bills, contact Action Solar today!


Solar Plus Batteries for Power Outages and Emergencies in Southern California

After all the power outages in Southern California in 2019, the frustration among utility customers started to fester. Now in 2020, new outages seem to be on the horizon, and homeowners across the area are looking for ways to avoid the inconvenience and danger of losing power.

Although Southern California is likely to come up with a more effective plan for combating infrastructure-related fire hazards at some point in the future, homeowners have a better solution: investing in solar installation and battery storage and taking control of their power usage. If you are a Vista homeowner, keep on reading to find out how solar plus batteries can help you gain independence from your utility company.

What are the benefits of solar batteries?Solar Batteries & Panel Installation in Vista

With more than 200,000 households with solar systems just in San Diego County, Southern California is a definite leader in using solar energy. This brings a multitude of benefits to homeowners who wish to rely on clean renewable energy while gaining more control over their energy usage. However, while standard home solar systems do bring numerous perks, they don’t enable you to protect yourself from power outages. That is where home solar batteries come in. Here are some of the most important benefits of a home solar battery system.

Gain complete energy independence

While a solar system without a battery enables you to produce your own green energy and cut down on your energy bills to an extent, it won’t be of much help when the grid goes down. With a home solar battery, you will be able to use your own electricity even during power outages. This means that you will be able to use your lithium ion battery to power your home office, charge your phone, and keep your food perfectly cool in your freezer, all during an extended power outage.

Be prepared for emergencies

Another important benefit of solar batteries is that they can help keep you and your family safe in a fire emergency when the power is cut, or any other emergency for that matter. You would be able to use your phone, radio, and other household basics, which will make it much easier to react to any emergency, with all the needed resources available to you.

Use your stored energy at any time

The main drawback of solar panels that aren’t backed up by battery storage is that they can’t deliver any electricity to your home when the grid goes down. In fact, a home solar battery gives you complete energy independence every day and night, not only during emergencies. What’s more, you can also add more home batteries to your system and accommodate for your increasing needs.

Avoid expensive rates during on-peak hours

Did you know that many households in California need zero energy from utility companies during bright sunny days if they own a solar system? Solar panels produce even more energy than a household needs, which enables the homeowner to sell the excess energy back to the grid. Things change when the sun goes down, however, as solar panels are no longer able to produce as much electricity as they need, forcing homeowners to buy the power they need from the utility company at the time of day when the rates are the most expensive.

A home battery system will enable you to use your stored power during on-peak hours, essentially allowing you to stay environmentally conscious by avoiding peaker plant produced energy and helping you avoid the highest utility rates.

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How Long Do Solar Panels Last?

Whether you are a home or business owner, purchasing a solar system for your property is no small investment. When you add solar panels to your home, you want them to serve you effectively for years to come. But how long exactly do solar panels last?

While solar panels are designed to last, they won’t stay in perfect condition forever. Like everything else, solar systems are vulnerable to wear and tear. Luckily, if you rely on reputable solar panel installers in Vista, CA, they will maximize the lifespan of your solar system and keep it running perfectly for as long as possible.

Read on to find out more about the expiration date of solar panels.

Do solar panels go bad?Go-to Solar Panel Installers in Vista, CA

The short answer to this question is yes, your solar panels won’t work forever, but it may take as long as several decades for your system to start gradually breaking down.

Most modern solar panels are guaranteed to last anywhere from 20 to 30 years. However, properly installed and maintained solar panels are likely to last quite a bit longer than that, even up to 50 years. What’s more, high-quality panels installed in the 1970s and 1980s may still generate energy, although they may have lost some of their efficiency.

The exact life expectancy of your solar system may also depend on the type of panels you choose for your home or business. For instance, amorphous panels tend to be slightly less long-lasting than their polycrystalline and monocrystalline counterparts. Either way, you won’t have to worry about your solar panels breaking down any time soon if you hire knowledgeable experts for your solar installation and maintenance.

What happens to solar panels after 20 years?

Since solar panels have no moving parts, they don’t typically suddenly break down due to regular wear and tear. On the contrary, solar panels will work efficiently over the course of their lifespan, but may gradually experience slight degradation due to constant exposure to harsh weather and ultraviolet light.

If solar panels do break down suddenly, which is extremely rare, the problem is usually caused by:

  • Faulty solar cell microwires that have caused a short circuit
  • A failure of the water encapsulation system in the panels

Although it is possible for these issues to occur, the vast majority of consumers don’t have to worry about such breakdowns if their solar panels were installed by knowledgeable professionals. In fact, expert installation and high-quality solar panels are the only prerequisites for a long-lasting system.

How much will my solar panels degrade per year?

The exact degradation levels for your solar panels will mainly depend on the brand you choose. According to one study conducted by NREL, the best solar panel manufacturers produce panels with very low degradation rates (0.3% a year), while most brands have the average rates of 0.5%. With a 0.5% degradation rate, your solar panels will run at approximately 88 percent of their initial capacity after 25 years.

Hire the #1 solar panel installers in Vista, CA and maximize the lifespan of your system

Trusted Solar Panel Installers in Vista, CAIf you’ve decided to rely on solar panels to power your home or business, it’s only natural that you’d want them to stay in tip-top condition for the longest period of time possible. At Action Solar, we provide both residential and commercial property owners with expert solar installation services that follow the latest industry standards.

Whether you are located near Rancho Guajome Adobe or anywhere else in Vista, our technicians will use tried-and-tested methods to install your solar system, making sure it maintains its efficiency over the course of its long lifespan. We work exclusively with reputable solar panel brands known for the consistent quality and durability of their products.

Reach out to Action Solar today!


Can I Power My Home Entirely on Solar Energy?

One of the most appealing aspects of solar energy is its potential to reduce your energy bill and cut down on your carbon footprint. However, many homeowners are still hesitant to go solar because they aren’t sure if a house can run on only solar power and nothing else.

To answer this question, we have to bust some myths about solar panels in Vista, CA, and explain the main principles behind solar systems. You can rely on us to answer any questions you may have about going solar, whether you wish to know what will happen to your solar panels in 20 years or discover surprising solar energy facts.

In this article, we focus on one important question: can you power your home with nothing but power from the sun? Read on.

Can a house run on solar power alone?Durable Solar Panels in Vista, CA

Switching to solar power brings a whole range of benefits for homeowners. While powering your house entirely on solar power is perfectly possible, completely going off the grid may present potential challenges. Here’s what you will need to consider if you decide to rely on nothing but solar power:


Some areas receive more sunlight than others, that is, they have higher solar insolation levels. If you want to make the most out of your solar panels, your location should receive direct sunlight for approximately 250 days a year. Additionally, you will also have to consider the placement of your panels (a rooftop with direct sunlight is typically the best choice).

Energy consumption

Before you decide to go solar, you will need to evaluate the annual energy consumption of your household. This will help you determine the right number of panels and help you plan your solar power usage in order to achieve the best possible results after going off the grid. Make sure to evaluate the consumption of individual appliances in your home, as well as your overall energy consumption in a year.

The size of your solar system

If you wish to efficiently power your home on nothing but the power of the sun, you will have to determine the right number of solar panels for your home based on your power consumption. The best way to determine the appropriate size for your solar system is to consult with experienced solar installers in your area. They will carefully evaluate the needs of your property and install highly efficient solar panels following the latest industry standards.

Solar inverter

In order to power your home entirely on solar energy, you will need to install a solar inverter that will convert the direct current produced by your solar panels into alternating current needed to power your household appliances.

Can you use solar panels without batteries?

The short answer to this question is yes, it is possible to use solar panels without a battery. However, this is only true if you remain connected to the grid as you wouldn’t be able to store any excess solar power for later use without batteries.

If you decide to go fully off the grid or live in an area that doesn’t have access to it, you will need to purchase a solar battery in order to store any excess power that is generated during the sun peak hours in order to use it at night.

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Residential Solar Panels in Vista, CA

If you live near Alta Vista Gardens or anywhere else in the area, going solar would be a wise financial and practical investment thanks to the abundance of direct sunlight in this location all year round. With Action Solar, the go-to solar installers in the region, you can help protect the environment and cut down on your energy bills with ease.

Why wait? Contact Action Solar and make the first step to creating a greener and brighter future for all. Give us a call today!

Solar Panel Safety: Myths & Facts

If you are new to using solar energy to power your home or business, you may be wondering how safe solar panels are. Just like any other electrical equipment, your new solar panels are perfectly safe if you understand how they work and use them responsibly.

Cleaning your solar panels properly and following advised precautions is important both for your safety and the integrity of your solar system. If you want to learn more about how to use your solar panels, read on, as knowledgeable solar installers in Rancho Bernardo are here to bust some common misconceptions about solar panel safety.

Can solar panels electrocute you?

While solar panels are a more cost-effective and sustainable source of energy than normal electricity, they are not much different when it comes to safety against electric shock and electrocution. Improper grounding, loose wiring, and corroded cables in your solar system can pose a safety hazard and you should approach handling your panels just as you would any other electric power generation system.

First Rate Solar Installers in Rancho Bernardo

To understand how to use solar energy safely, you should know how your system works. Solar panels produce direct current (DC) which is then converted into alternating current (AC) via an inverter. If you switch off your solar array after a power outage or any other circumstance, you will essentially only disconnect your home from the system. Your panels will still produce direct current which can cause a shock if you’re not careful. Here are some safety tips on using your panels:

  • Don’t walk on your solar panels;
  • Never cut your system’s wiring or conduit;
  • If your system is damaged, don’t touch it;
  • In case of emergency, disconnect your system and reach out to professionals.

Do solar panels attract lightning?

There’s a myriad of myths and misconceptions surrounding lightning strikes, and some of them naturally have to do with solar panels. This is understandable as lightning damage is a common occurrence in the U.S. But if you’ve heard that adding a solar system on your roof will attract lightning, you can be at ease because, no, solar panels don’t increase the risk of lightning strikes.

The electricity produced by solar panels is not associated with increased risks of lightning. Your panels generate DC electricity and won’t produce a static charge if properly installed. However, your solar system will need to be grounded according to the latest grounding requirements. This protects your panels from arc faults and fire hazards and eliminates the possibility of a built-up static charge.

Can solar panels cause power surges?

Solar panels, just like any other electrical system, can be prone to electrical surges. A power surge is a spike in voltage that may occur due to external factors, such as lightning strikes or regional drops in power usage. They can also arise from other sources in your home, including switching on high-power appliances like air conditioners or fridges.

The latter causes of power surges typically happen because of faulty wiring and poor installation. That’s why it’s essential to rely on qualified solar panel technicians for your installation and follow-up maintenance if you want to ensure the optimal safety of your system.

Depend on knowledgeable solar installers in Rancho Bernardo

Skilled Solar Installers in Rancho Bernardo

If you live in the County of San Diego and want to make the best use of your solar system, you’re in luck. Action Solar is here to provide you with reliable solar panel installation and repair services, as well as share valuable information on using solar energy the right way.

We work with qualified and experienced solar panel technicians who follow the latest industry standards and use professional-grade equipment when installing or maintaining your solar system. Give us a call today!

How Sturdy Are Solar Panels?

Modern solar systems are built to withstand the elements. However, while solar panels are exceptionally sturdy, that doesn’t mean that they can never crack.

Following proper solar panel cleaning procedures and knowing how to use your solar panels safely is a must if you want to make the best of your solar experience. If you want to learn more about maintaining the integrity of your panels, the leading solar installers in Rancho Bernardo, CA are here to provide you with all the information you may need.

Do solar panels crack?

While it’s true that solar panels do break sometimes, it usually doesn’t happen the way you may think. Sure, a fallen tree or a particularly impactful baseball throw can cause your panels to crack, but these scenarios happen very rarely. It’s also important not to hose down your solar panels with freezing cold water when they are scorching hot, as it may lead to some fracturing.

Most of the time, cracks in solar panels are much less apparent than most solar users seem to expect. The most common type of damage to solar panels are micro-cracks – tiny breaks in your solar cell wafers caused by chemical, mechanical, or natural factors.

Micro-cracks are invisible to the naked eye and present one of the most common reasons why a solar system loses some of its efficiency. Unfortunately, these small cracks are nearly impossible to avoid and typically happen:

  • During the manufacturing process: micro-cracks can occur during the manufacture of solar panels. Fortunately, reputable solar panel manufacturers employ several quality testing techniques to ensure the optimal integrity of their panels.
  • As a result of improper handling during installation: poor installation and irresponsible transport can create cracks in your panels. As you won’t even be able to tell if your new panels have cracked, it’s essential that you rely on dependable installers.
  • Due to natural causes: micro-cracks can be triggered by environmental factors, such as severe cold, sun, wind, and hail. Breaks can also occur as a result of the cells’ thermal cycle which involves expanding, contracting, and flexing of their metal contacts.

What happens if a solar panel breaks?

As micro-cracks occur, solar panels lose some of their power and efficiency. This is because the cracks happen on thin conductors located on the front of solar cells. If these connections break, power won’t be able to move through the cell and the solar panel. However, cells that are slightly cracked will still produce some of the voltage, with the overall loss in efficiency depending on the extent of the damage.

Can you walk on solar panels?

Theoretically speaking, it is possible to walk on solar panels. That doesn’t mean that it’s advisable, however. Walking on your solar panels is not a good idea, whether you wish to climb on them to fix them or just admire the view from your roof. Not only is it not safe, but the pressure may also cause micro-cracks to appear. In any case, it’s always better to leave any solar system repairs to professionals.

Rely on the best solar installers in Rancho Bernardo, CA

Whether you need help turning off your solar panels in case of a blackout or wish to discover tips on using your solar system properly, the professionals at Action Solar would be happy to assist you. We are the leading solar panel company in the San Diego area, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you live near Lake Hodges or anywhere else in the region. Call us today!