Do I Need Battery Backup for My Solar Panels & Inverter?

Can I use a solar panel and inverter without a battery?

Adding a battery to your solar panel system can be a great way to combat the perpetually increasing energy rates and protect yourself from power outages. But do you need a battery to use your solar panels and inverter? Will the costs of the battery outweigh its benefits?

As different homes have different energy needs, choosing between solar system options can be a challenging process. We want to explore and find solutions to make solar installation more efficient for homeowners in Murrieta, Riverside, Temecula, and the rest of Southern Riverside.

Can I use a solar panel and inverter without a battery?

The short answer to this question is yes, you can use your solar panel system without a battery. But, you have the opportunity to reap many benefits from choosing to add a battery backup.

While the advantages of solar, plus a battery installation are numerous, both may not be essential for everybody. Here are some situations in which a solar battery backup would be a great idea, and situations when simple rooftop panels will suffice:

1. Grid-tied systems 

During early morning and evening when solar production is lower, homeowners with solar panels often rely on the grid to supply them with the power they need. This setup is known as a grid-tied solar system, in which the grid serves as an energy backup system for the homeowners to use when solar production isn’t at its peak. 

Sticking with a grid-tied solar system is a good idea in states that use net metering. This means that you can send excess power back into the grid and earn credit for later use. However, after the implementation of the new Time of Use plan in which the rates are highest during peak demand hours, many homeowners have begun to switch to off-grid or hybrid systems. 

2. Hybrid systems 

If you want to avoid the exorbitant energy costs, you may want to consider getting a hybrid system that includes both a grid connection and its own battery bank. A hybrid inverter essentially combines a battery inverter and a solar inverter in one unit. This type of system enables you to store the energy produced during peak hours for later use without needing a separate battery. However, hybrid inverters can’t function during power outages. In these situations, you will have to rely on the grid to draw power. 

3. Off-grid systems 

A solar plus battery system would be the best idea for homeowners who: 

  • Live in regions where the power grid is unreliable or nonexistent 
  • Live in areas with a lot of power outages and natural disasters 
  • Want to be fully independent from the grid 

If you want to be able to use your own solar energy even during black-outs and low production hours, then a fully off-grid system is the way to go. This will enable you to reap significant savings and use 100% clean energy to power your home. 

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Do I Need Battery Backup for My Solar Panels & Inverter?

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