California Paves the Way for a Solar Future

The start of the new decade brings a great leap for solar energy in the Golden State. By implementing revolutionary building codes that will require each new home to be built with solar panels, California has made a huge step towards a cleaner, fossil-fuel-free future.

With high-quality solar panel installation in Del Mar, you too can be a part of the subtle revolution that has begun in California. Starting in 2020, all new-built homes in the country’s most populous state will have solar panels included, allowing its new residents to generate their own electricity and help reduce the state’s carbon footprint.

Read on to learn how California is working towards a greener and cleaner future!

The first zero-net homes are here

Being the state with the highest insolation levels in the country and, in turn, the best solar panel efficiency all year round, California is a great place to start on your solar journey. And now, the solar situation has become even more favorable.

With the new building codes approved by the California Energy Commission, the percentage of new homes with solar panels is expected to rise from only 20% to a full 100% in 2020. The rule will apply to all new homes that are under 4 stories tall. This means that solar panels will slowly become a standard addition to any California household, with solar panel prices expected to drop even further.

Solar panels have never been more accessible

Homebuilding companies across the state have already begun moving toward a 100% solar future, planning to offer homeowners to add solar panels to their homes as easily as they would purchase any other home appliance.

What’s more, you won’t have to pay for your solar panels upfront – instead, building companies will enable buyers to get their panels on a 25-year lease. Considering that the solar panel costs will be offset by significant long-term savings, purchasing a home with a solar system installed will be an excellent way to cut down on your electricity bills in the long run.

The future of solar has started in California

In December of 2019, California broke records by reaching one million businesses and homes with solar panels installed. The best thing is, this number will only keep increasing, with CEC expecting 74,000 new solar system installations in 2020.

The bold move that the Golden State has made towards a solar future has naturally inspired the rest of the country. A number of other states have already started to follow the lead. Massachusetts, in particular, plans to follow California by requiring solar panels on most new constructions with a goal to reduce carbon emissions by 80% by 2050.

Of course, the new building codes in California are only the beginning. Hopefully, the progress toward an environmentally friendly future won’t slow down and the rest of the nation, as well as the world, will soon follow suit.

Join the solar revolution with #1 solar panel installation in Del Mar

Enjoying the sun at Seagrove Park is one thing, but harnessing its energy to power your home and protect the planet is a completely different story. Both are equally enjoyable, but the latter undoubtedly brings more benefits in the long run.

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