How to Choose the Best Batteries for Solar Power Storage

best batteries for solar power storage

Needless to say, solar panels, San Marcos, CA, are the essential part of your home’s solar power system. After choosing trustworthy, first-rate solar panel installation contractors, you’ll get a professional recommendation for the optimum solar panel solution for your home. However, only the best batteries for solar power storage can give you a maximum system efficiency boost, so here’s what to factor in when choosing.

The purpose of a battery

Batteries are one of the essential components of solar power system design used to store excess power generated by your solar power system, instead of having it go back to the grid. This is especially useful if you happen to live in an area with unreliable electricity and frequent outages – you always have a back-up energy source.

The best part is that it’s not an either-or choice – once the battery is fully charged, excess energy continues going back to the grid and you get credit on your electricity bill.

Capacity and power

The battery’s capacity is measured in kWh (kilowatt-hours). The higher its capacity, the more energy your battery ends up storing. You can also increase capacity by installing multiple batteries. At night, when your solar panels aren’t producing any energy, you get to use the energy stored in the battery.

The energy’s power rating tells you how much electricity your battery can give you at a time, and it’s measured in kW (kilowatts).

In other words, a battery with low power rating and high capacity gives you a low amount of electricity (sufficient for a few essential appliances) for a long time. A low capacity-high power rating combination delivers a high amount of electricity (enough for the whole house) that can last for a few hours.

Depth of discharge (DoD)

DoD refers to the amount of battery capacity that’s been used. The best batteries for solar power storage enable you to use more of their capacity without affecting battery life. For optimal performance, most manufacturers recommend using 90% of the battery’s DoD and then recharging it.

Round-trip efficiency

A battery’s round-trip efficiency is the percentage of the amount of energy needed for energy storage that you get to use. The best batteries for solar power storage have a higher round-trip efficiency, which equals more economic value.

Warranty period and battery life

Since the battery charges and drains (cycles) on daily basis, it gradually loses its efficiency. The battery’s manufacturer warranty should cover a 5 to 10-year period or a certain number of cycles. But worry not, it actually lasts longer – you can probably rest easy for up to 15 years.

Since its performance will, inevitably, degrade over time, a trustworthy brand will also guarantee that the battery maintains high capacity even after the warranty has expired.

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