Action Solar Advocates for California’s Renewable Future

Summary: Action Solar supports sustainable energy sources and solar power solutions in coherence with California’s 2021 energy policy and mandates.

San Diego, CA, United States – Action Solar supports California’s plans to transition the state to renewable energy fully by 2045. The California Energy Commission (CEC), California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and California Air Resources Board (CARB) are requiring renewable, zero-carbon energy resources to supply 100 percent of electric retail sales by 2045¹. Action Solar contributes ways to make this a reality.

With the large population per capita and multiple high-energy demand cities, this 2045 goal may seem like a bold pursuit. However, the solar revolution is progressing with momentum. The California Solar Mandate, effective January 2020, requires all new construction homes to have a solar photovoltaic (PV) system as an electricity source², a policy which has already offset pressure added to the energy grid from new homes. Experienced, fully-licensed solar installers are able to zone, design, permit and install solar panel systems with no complications. Action Solar has the fastest turnaround time for residential and commercial solar installations, but city permitting and inspections can take up to two months. Thus, contractors urge property owners to schedule estimates in time to receive final permits and claim their 2021 26% solar incentive tax credit (ITC).

Solar Operations Manager Manny Manzano said, “We know solar and other renewable energy sources are the future. In these upcoming years, we will all need to re-think how our electricity production and consumption should look like if we want to sustain our lifestyles.” Reaffirming commitment to California’s call for renewable energy and alternative energy production, Action Solar offers incentives for business and homeowners to transition to solar power systems.

Action Solar is one of San Diego’s leading residential and commercial solar companies operating efficiently and safely during the 2019 pandemic; Action requires CDC approved protocols, and gives free virtual or at-home estimates for all projects. Action Solar, a subsidiary of Action Air Conditioning, Heating and Solar, is also distinguished by its 46 years in the HVAC business. Action’s solar systems and solar batteries are capable of powering properties entirely, including its heating and cooling system. With the 26% ITC and a $2000 Solar with HVAC System rebate, a sustainable future is attainable to more Californians than ever before.

About Action Solar: Action Air Conditioning, Heating and Solar has served San Diego residents since 1975. Action Solar is a team of fully licensed and certified professionals for solar photovoltaic installation, replacement, repairs and solar panel retrofitting. Action Solar is now serving residents of South Orange and South Riverside Counties, offering 25-30 year warranties and 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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