4 Reasons Why Spring Is the Best Season to Install Solar Panels

4 Reasons Why Spring Is the Best Season to Install Solar Panels

Timing is essential when planning a large investment such as solar panels. If you’ve been thinking about hiring solar panel installers for your home in Moreno Valley, Murrieta, Temecula, or anywhere warmer, you may be tempted to wait until the summer to save money on energy bills. However, you don’t have to wait for your bills to rise to reap the perks of solar energy. On the contrary, getting your solar panels in spring can actually be more beneficial in the financial sense than waiting for the summer.

There are a number of reasons why going solar in spring is a great idea, and that’s precisely what we’ll be discussing in this article. Keep on reading to find out more.

Should I install my solar panels in spring?

Making the switch to solar in spring brings a variety of benefits, and here’s why:

1. Get ready for the summer

There’s more to solar installation than meets the eye. As the process can take quite a while, it’s a good idea to allow enough time for the installation. During the peak season, the installation timeline can easily get drawn out, with all the permits and inspections that should be performed. If you install your system in spring, you’ll make sure your home and panels are fully prepared for the sweltering weather.

2. Sell your excess energy

As a resident of California, you have the chance to get energy credits from your utility provider for any excess energy your solar panels produce. If you use your solar panels during the spring, it’s likely that you’ll generate more energy than you can consume. This will enable you to earn credits and use them during the summer when your energy bills are higher. If you’d like to be completely ready for the hotter months, it’s essential that you have a fully operational solar system sooner rather than later so that you can draw from your earned credits during the summer months.

3. Shorter Solar Installation Wait Times

Summer is the peak season for solar panels, so it’s natural many homeowners would hire installers during this time. This means that you’re likely to experience longer wait times for your installation if you wait for summer. Moreover, the installation timeline can be extended by inclement weather and extreme hot temperatures. If you start planning your installation early, you’ll avoid packed schedules and any unwelcome surprises the summer weather may bring.

4. Make the process easier for installers

Just like most people, solar technicians are likely to work and feel better when the temperatures aren’t extreme. If you schedule your installation in the spring, you’ll not only get to enjoy the great perks of solar during the summer, but you’ll also make the process easier for your installation team. They’ll perform  more efficiently if work is in pleasant sunny conditions, without excessive humidity and heat.

Springtime is here–Hire your go-to solar panel installers in Temecula

Should I install my solar panels in spring

If you’ve decided not to wait for the temperatures to rise for your solar panel installation, why not contact Action Solar today? Our expert technicians will gladly guide you through the process and work with you to plan the most beneficial schedule for your installation.  As the leading installers in the area, we’re fully qualified to provide you with a highly efficient solar system and enable you to enjoy the benefits of renewable energy in no time.

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